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C01 McAlister Family
4 Sites

four burial sites,
C01 Family

Mary Elizabeth "Annie" Bohne McAlister 
B. 1846; D 24 May 1899

M. 14 Nov. 1864 in Frederick County, MD
to Scott Williams McAlister
Scott Williams McAlister
B. Feb. 1840;D. 24 Jan. 1921 

Line: C01-3-3-1-6
Son of John Williams McAlister and Agnes McNair
Children of Scott Williams McAlister and Mary Elizabeth Bohne
C01-3-3-1-6-6 Gertrude Ray McAlister, B. 1874; D.1948,
C01-3-3-1-6 Cora May McAlister, B. 6 Oct. 1865,
C01-3-3-1-6-2 John Hamilton Sr. McAlister, B. 27 Apr. 1867
C01-3-3-1-6-3 Walter Scott McAlister, B. 25 Feb. 1869,
C01-3-3-1-6-4 Mary Elizabeth Annie McAlister, B. 8 Nov. 1871,
C01-3-3-1-6-5 Stuart Grason McAlister, B. 23 Feb 1873
C01-3-3-1-6-7 Grace C McAlister, B. 1878,
C01-3-3-1-6-8 Rhoda Lavina McAlister, B. 9 Apr. 1880,
C01-3-3-1-6-9 Earl Daniel McAlister, B. 5 Feb. 1887

Gertrude Ray McAlister
B. 1874

Line: C01-3-3-1-6-6
Grace C. McAlister
B. 1878 

Line: C01-3-3-1-6-7

Hector S. McAllister, 1876-1959 and
Mary Ashton Hanway , 1877-1950

Unknown relationship to above
Grave located at Christ Church - Rock Spring Parish
2100 Rock Spring Road, Forest Hill, Maryland 21050
Hector was known to be a preacher. 
He was the pastor of the Episcopal Christ Church, Rock Spring Parrish,
Rock Spring Church Road, P.O. Box 215, Forest Hills Md 21050
Line: ZZ304-2

Photos by C01 members W. Scott Dykes, John Hamilton McAlister III,
his wife Margaret Beverly Colburn and Carl Fletcher McAlister

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