Clan McAlister Ancestral Lines

(An explanation of the ancestral numbering system.)

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AB01 AB02 AC01 AF01
AJ01 AJ02 AJ03 AJ04 AJ05 AM01 AV01 AW01 B01 B02 B03 B04 B05 B06 B07
BA01 BE01 BF01

C01 C02 C03 C04 C05 C06 C07 C08 C09 C10 C11 C12 C14 C15 C16 C17 C18 C19

CA01 CF01 CJ01 CP01 CR01 CR02
D01 D02 D03 D04 D05 D06 D07 D08 D09 D10 D11 D12
D14 D15 D16 D17 D18 D19 D20 D21 D22 D23 D24 D25 DJ01 E01 E02 E03 E04 E05 E06 E08
E09 E10 E11 E12
EE01 EH01 EH02 ET01 F01 F02 F03 F04 F05 G01 G02 G03 G04 G05 G06
G07 G08 G09 G10 G11 G12

GA01 GA02 GC01 GC02 GM01 GS01 GW01 GW02 GW03 GW04 GW05 GW06
H01 H02 H03 H04 H05 H06 H07 H08 H09

HD01 HE01 HE02 I01 I02 I03 I04

J01 J02 J03 J04 J05 J06 J07 J08 J09 J10 J11 J12 J12a J12b J13 J14 J15 J16 J17 J18
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JA02 JA03 JA04 JA05 JA06 JA07 JAC01
JB01 JC01 JC02
JE01 JE02 JE03 JF01 JF02 JF03 JG01
JG02 JG03 JG04 JH01 JH02 JH03 JH04 JH05 JI01 JJ01 JJ02 JJ03 JK01 JK02 JL01 JL02 JL03 JM01 JM02 JM03
JN01 JN02 JP01 JR01 JR02 JS01 JS02 JS03 JT01 JT02 JT03
JW01 JW02 JW03 JW04 JW05 JW06 JW07 JW08
JW09 JW10 JW11

JY01 K01
L01 L02 L03
M01 M02 M03 M04 M05 M06 M07 M08
M09 M10 M11 M12 M14 M15 M16 M17 M18 M19

MC01 ML01 MM01 MVB01

N01 N02 N03 N04 N05 N06 N07 N08 N09 N10 NB01 O01 O02 O03 P01 P02 P03 P04 P05 P06

PJ01 PM01 QP01 R01 R02 R03 R04 R05 R06 R07 R08 R09 R10 R11 R12 R14 R15 R16 R17
R18 R19 R20

RA01 RC01 RJ01 RJ02 RN01 RP01 RP02 RT01 S01 S02 S03 S04 S05 S06 S07
S08 S09 S10

SA01 SB01 SE01
SM01 SM02 SM03
SW01 SW02 T01 T02 T03
T04 T05 T06 T07 T08
TC01 TJ01 TM01

U01 U02

W01 W02 W03
W04 W05 W06 W07 W08 W09 W10 W11 W12 W14 W15 W16 W17 W18 W19 W20 W21 W22 W23 W24
W25 W26 W27 W28 W29 W30 W31 W32 W33 W34 WA01 WA02 WA03 WC01 WC02 WE01 WF01 WG01 WH01 WH02
WJ01 WJ02 WJ03 WL01 WL02 WM01 WM02
WN01 WR01 WS01 WW01 Y01 Z01

A01 - Angus McAllister Born Abt 1672 in Antrim Co, N. Ireland; died/buried Aft 1737 in East Derry, NH; married Margaret Boyce in Co. Antrim, N. Ireland. Migration: IMMIGRANT. Ireland-Antrim/MA-Lancaster/NH-Londonderry. Coordinator: Tom McDavitt, 1041 Perry St, Wichita, KS 67203 [1902 records] DNA Subgroup #09

A02 - Archibald McAlister Born Abt 1813 in Ireland; married Mary McCary in Ireland. Migration: IMMIGRANT. Ireland-Antrim=Cushendall/SC=Pickens=Charleston/AL. Coordinator: Charles J. McAlister, 1001 Keene Rd South, Clearwater, FL 34616 [182 records] DNA Subgroup #07a

A03 - Merged into A04

A04 - Archibald McAllister Born Abt 1700 in Scotland; died/buried 1768 in PA; married Jean McClure. Migration: IMMIGRANT. Scotland/PA-Chester-Cumberland-York. Coordinator: Thomas A. Wright, 2107 Union St, San Francisco, CA 94123 [1402 records]

A05 - Andrew McAlister Born 1790; died/buried 1836 or 39; Migration: /SC-Pendleton Dist-Chester/TN-Lincoln-Giles/AR. Coordinator: Robert W. McAlister, 208 Annapolis Ln, Rotonda West, FL 33947 [1650 records] DNA Subgroup #04

A06 - Merged into A09

A07 - Merged into A09

A08 - Alexander McAlister Born 1800/10; married Martha ???. Migration: /GA-Jasper-Russell/TN. *Line Coordinator needed! [2 records]

A09 - Alexander McAlister Born Abt 1740 in Ireland; died/buried Abt Jan 1810 in Anderson Co, SC; married Sarah Colvin?. Migration: IMMIGRANT. Ireland/SC-Anderson/AL-Tuscaloosa/CO=Pueblo/AR. Coordinator: Nancy Hudson, 7 Old Applewood Lane, Hendersonville, NC 28739 [1547 records] DNA Subgroup #04

A010 - Merged into A09

A10a - Merged into A09

A11 - Merged into A04

A12 - Alexander McAlister/Colister Born 23 Aug 1773 PA died/buried 1855/56 Madison Co IN married Mary (Plackard?) born 14 Feb 1780 DE died/buried aft 1850 Madison Co IN. Migration; PA-Beaver/OH-Bulter or Warren/OH-Ross /IN-Wayne/IN-Madison Coordinator: Joan Kay McAllister, PO Box 204, Columbus, MT 59019 [1557 records] DNA Subgroup #12

A14 - Atha McAlister Born 1830; married Mary Ann McAlvis. Migration: /GA/KY-Union/TN-Shelby/MO=Kansas City. Line Coordinator Needed! [35 records]

A15 - Merged into J27

A16 - Alexander McAlister Born 10 Oct 1749 in Near Edinburg, Scotland; died/buried 10 Feb 1826 in Halifax, Dauphin Co, PA; married Elizabeth Oldenburg in Campbellstown, PA. Migration: IMMIGRANT. Scotland/PA=Halifax=Campbelltown /IA=Burlington. Coordinator: Dorothy Swanson, 421 Broadway, West Burlington, IA 52655 [203 records] DNA Subgroup #07a

A17 - Angus McAlister Born Bef. 1743 in N. Kintyre, Argyll, Scotland; died/buried 1808/9 in Richmond Co (now Scotland Co), NC. Migration: IMMIGRANT. Scotland-Argyll/NC-Scotland-Richmond. Coordinator: Frank McAlister (acting), 1931 N. Upland St, Arlington, VA 22207 [309 records]

A18 - Archibald McAlister Born 2 Aug 1702 in Kilmory, Bute, Scotland; married Anna McGrigor. Migration: IMMIGRANT. Scotland-Bute=Kilmory/IL/KY-Livingston/SC/IA. Coordinator: Marilee Stephan, 155 N Main St, Farmington, IL 61513 [898 records]

A19 - Archibald McAlister Born in Scotland; died/buried in Scotland. Migration: IMMIGRANT. Scotland/NY=NY City/VA-Petersburg/GA-Savannah/TX. *Line Coordinator needed [14 records]

A20 - Archibald McAlister Married Anne Wyllie (1) in Sliddery, Arran. Migration: Scotland-Arran=Sliddery /Ayrshire=Kilmarnock/South Africa=Cape Town. Coordinator: Sandy Jeanne MacAllister (C16), 7268 N. 127 W., Greenfield, IN 46140 [26 records]

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A21 - Andrew McAllister Born Abt 1670; married Hannah ???. Migration: /VA-Lunenburg-New Kent-Hanover-Louisa-Amelia /KY-Boone-Mason/IL-Hancock. Line Coordinator Needed [152 records]

A22 - Alexander McAllister Born Abt 1800. Migration: IMMIGRANT. Ireland-Antrim=Bushmills /PA=Philadelphia/NY=NYC=Brooklyn. Line Coordinator Needed [23 records]

A23 - Merged into J04

A24 - Archibald McAllister Born Abt 1790 in MD; died/buried BEF 1850; married Martha Wagaman. Migration: /MD-Washington. Coordinator: Michael Hull, 293 Hobcaw Dr, Mt Pleasant, SC 29464 [819 records] DNA Subgroup #15

A25 - Alexander McAllister Born in Ireland; married Elizabeth Stewart. Migration: IMMIGRANT LINE. Ireland/IL-Cook=Chicago/CA-Los Angeles. Line Coordinator Needed [72 records]

A26 - Alexander McAllister Born Abt 1740/1760. Migration: /PA-Washinton=Monongahela/VA -Marion/WV-Marion/NE-Cass=Elmwood. Line Coordinator Needed [208 records]

A27 - Abraham McCollister Born 4 Oct 1803 in Shenandoah Co, VA; died/buried 9 Oct 1883; married Maria Woltz. Migration: /VA-Shenandoah/OH-Fairfield-Hocking-Athens=Nelsonville/IA. Coordinator: Marge Pidcock, 12826 Star Rte 691, Nelsonville, OH 45764 [74 records]

A28 - Archibald Dean McAlester Born 1800 in NC; died/buried 22 Oct 1860 in Choctaw Co, AL; married Nancy Stafford. Migration: /NC/SC-Marion/MS-Carroll/AL-Choctaw/TX-Henderson. Line Coordinator Needed [55 records]DNA Subgroup #15

A29 - Alexander Macalester Born Abt 1740; died/buried 1796 in Cumberland Co, NC; married Florah ???. Migration: /NC-Cumberland. Line Coordinator Needed! [6 records]

A30 - Alexander McAllister Born Abt 1820 in KY; married Eliza Rawlings in Jefferson Co., IN. Migration: /KY/IN-Jefferson. Line Coordinator Needed! [12 records]

A31 - Athiel McAllister Born Abt 1810 in TN; married Nancy ???. Migration: /TN/GA/MO=Humansville Coordinator: Mary Lou Moore, 1205 Three Mile Dr, Grosse Point Park, MI 48230, 109 records] DNA Subgroup #01

A32 - Merged into A31

A33 - Andrew McAlister Died/buried Abt 1844; married Mary Ann Service. Migration: IMMIGRANT. Ireland/SC-Anderson=Pendleton/TX/OK/Indian Territory. Coordinator: Myran Morgan, PO Box 1606, Irmo, SC 29063 [264 records] DNA Subgroup #04

A34 - Archibald Macallister Born Est 1815/1820; married Mary Oliver in Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland. Migration: IMMIGRANT LINE. Ireland=Belfast/Scotland=Glasgow=Pollockshaws/NY=Brooklyn/DC=Washington. Coordinator: Shirley and Richard Davison, P.O. Box 215, Edgecomb, ME 04556 [108 records]DNA Subgroup #07a

A35 - Andrew McAlister Born Est 1810/1820. Migration: IMMIGRANT LINE. Ireland=Larne/SD/NB=Emerson /MI/IL=Chicago=Sycamore. *Line Coordinator Needed [36 records]

A36 - Alexander McAlister Born Abt 1740 in At Sea; died/buried BEF 24 Mar 1801 in d. George Town, Beaver, PA; married Amy. Migration: /PA-Allegheny-Elk=Pittsburg=Brandy Camp/IL-Champaign. Coordinator: Lori Brannigan, 1163 Huntsman Cir, Oilville, VA 23129 [536 records]

A37 - Ann McAlister. died/buried 1807 in SC; married Needham Lee. Migration: /SC/MS-Lawrence or -Franklin=Brookhaven. Coordinator: Myran Morgan, PO Box 1606, Irmo, SC 29063 [22 records]

A38 - Allen McAllister. Born Est. 1800 in SC; married Rebecca M.. Migration: /SC/AL-Buhl=Tuscaloosa-Hale. Coordinator: Pauline Williams, 8197 HWY 155 So, Montevallo, AL 35115 [163 records] DNA Subgroup #01

A39 - Alexander McAlister. married Martha McNair. Migration: /NY=Brooklyn/IL. Coordinator: Denise McAllister, 6055 SW Chestnut Ave, Beaverton, OR 97005 [40 records] DNA Subgroup #14

A40 - Alexander McAllister Born 17xx; died/buried unknown; married Unknown. Migration: IMMIGRANT LINE. Scotland =Lanark=Glasgow/Ontario=Huron City. Coordinator: Kris Rockell, 1221 Bethune Hwy, Bishopville, SC 29010, [495 records]

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A41 - Alexander McAllister Born unknown; died/buried unknown; married Ann Campbell. Migration: Scotland/Islay=Kildalton /=Glasgow. Coordinator: John C. “Jack” McAllister, 386 Dallas Dr, Toms River, NJ 08753 [60 records]

A42 - Abram McCallister Born 23 Dec 1801 in Ireland; died/buried 18 Feb 1882 in McAlister Family Cemetery, Spartanburg County, SC; married Virginia E. Hugh Burnett "Jincy" in Spartanburg County, SC. Migration: IMMIGRANT. Ireland/SC-Spartenburg. Coordinator: Myran Morgan, PO Box 1606, Irmo, SC 29063 [297 records]

A43 - Archibald McAllister Married Flora Pursel. Migration: IMMIGRANT. Scotland/CA. Coordinator: *Line Coordinator Needed! [8 records]

A44 - Alexander McAllister Born 1796 in NC; died/buried AFT 1870 in IL; married Sarah Lewis. Migration: /NC/IL/TN=Allen. Coordinator: Velma McDonald, 2838 Post Rd, Sarasota, FL 34231 [175 records] DNA Subgroup #03

A45 - Anson McAllister Born 1799 in NY; died/buried AFT 1870 in Albany, NY; married Carolyn (Sarah) Unknown. Migration: /NY-Albany=Albany=Cohoes/CA-Mendocino=Willits. Coordinator: Ray McAllister, 801 Corder Rd, Warner Robins, GA 31088 [125 records]

A46 - Archibald McAllister Born Abt 1755 in PA; died/buried 1800-1807 in Northumberland, PA; married Margaret Jane Keffer. Migration: /PA-Northumberland/OH/CA/FL/WA/. Coordinator: Donald M. McAllister, 1933 Cherrydale Court, Apple Valley, CA 92308. [643 records] DNA Subgroup #13

A47 - Archabald McAllister Born EST 1800/1810; married Cordelia Harvey/Harvy. Migration: /PA-Fayette=Brownsville-Dauphin=Steelton=Harrisburg. Coordinator: John Ulrich, 215 Cedar ST, Corning, NY 14830. Coordinator: John Ulrich, 215 Cedar St, Corning, NY 14830 [47 records]DNA Subgroup #UNG

A48 - Andrew McAlister Born 11 Jan 1811 in Three-and-twenty Creek, Anderson Co, SC, died in 1878 and is buried in Old Union Cemetery off Kirk Rd, Saline Co. Coordinator: J. A. McAlister (Acting LC), 1458 AR Hwy 31 South, Lonoke, AR 72086 [81 records]

A49 - Alexander McAllister Born about 1798, and died 5 Aug 1849 in Fayston, Washington Co, Vermont. He married Christiana Young (born 1801 in Ireland) Coordinator: Sue Franklin, 15014 Carlsbad Rd, Woodbridge, VA 22193 [34 records]

A50 - Alexander McAllister Born 1819 in Ireland; died/buried 15 Sep 1887 in Saint John City and County, New Brunswick, Canada; married Jane Starrett. Migration: IMMIGRANT. Ireland/Canada-New Brunswick=St. John/MA-Middlesex=Hudson /NY-Brooklyn. Coordinator: Craig McAllister, 15 Laurel Lane, Barkhamsted, CT 06063 [66 records] DNA Subgroup #08

A51 - Archibald McAlister Born 1811 in Ireland; married Ellen ???. Migration: IMMIGRANT LINE. Ireland/Canada-Quebec/MA-Worcester=Leominster/NH-Hillsborough=Manchester/VT. Coordinator: Ken Avery, 4922 N. Driscoll Blvd, Spokane, WA 99205 [97 records]

A52 - Archibald Archie McAllister Born 25 DEC 1841 in Antrim, Northern Ireland; died/buried 1 DEC 1921 in Chicago, Cook County, IL; married Mary Murphy. Migration: IMMIGRANT. Ireland-Co Antrim/IL-Cook=Chicago. Coordinator: Colleen Danstrom, 1099 Spruce St., Winnetka, IL 60093 [47 records] DNA Subgroup #07a

A53 - Archibald McAllister Born 1759 in Ireland and ended up in Washington Co. PA where his son Joseph was born in 1794. After a brief period in Erie, PA he and his wife Hannah Blakeley settled in Butler Co., PA in 1800. Line Coordinator: Jean Carr Stewart #2213 3008 Dower House Dr., Herndon, VA 20171 [1046 records]

A54 - Alexander McCallister Born 1856 Tennessee and died in 1885. He married Martha Jane Steakley on 14 Feb 1878 in Madison Crossroads, Madison Co, Alabama Line Coordinator: Carol Keeler, PO Box 73652, Fort Bragg, NC 28307 [62 records]

AB01 - Merged into AM01

AB02 - Aaron B. McAllister Born 10 Jun 1826; died/buried 5 Jan 1895 in Franklin Co, MS; married Sara Ann Graves. Migration: /MS-Franklin. Coordinator: John “Eric” McAllister, 10231 Langston Rd, Denham Springs, LA 70706 [155 records] DNA Subgroup #07a

AC01 - Merged into R02

AF01 - Merged into JY01

AJ01 - Merged into E01

AJ02 - Andrew Jackson McCallister Born 23 May 1824 in Abbeville, SC; died/buried 22 May 1910 in Fredonia Cemetary, Stone Co, AR; married Susan Catherine Cherry. Migration: /SC/MS/AR/CA/WA. Coordinator: J. A. McAlister (Acting LC), 1458 AR Hwy 31 South, Lonoke, AR 72086 [34 records]

AJ03 - Andrew Jackson McAlister Born 1848 in TN or GA; died/buried 1 Sep 1919 in Holly Springs, Marshall Co., MS; married Alice Ebaline Gurley Ball in Holly Springs, Marshall Co., MS. Migration: TN or GA/MS-Marshall. Coordinator: *Line Coordinator Needed! [83 records]

AJ04 - Alexander John McAllister Born Abt 1800 in Co Antrim, N Ireland, UK; died/buried 28 DEC 1853 in Douglas Public Cemetery, Douglas, Renfrew, Ontario, Canada; married Catherine Moore. Migration: IMMIGRANT: N. Ireland- Antrim/Ontario=Renfrew/CA-Sonoma. Coordinator: Barbara McAllister Long, 3212 Kaibab Ave, Bakersfield, CA, 93306 [23 records] DNA Subgroup #13

AJ05 – Andrew J. McAllister Born 1815 in KY; died/buried 1897; married (1) Mary Sarah Dills, (2) Nancy West. Migration: /KY/IN/IL/KS. Coordinator: Elizabeth “Libbet” Terrell, 375 Wooded Shore Ln, Traverse City, MI 49686, [250 records]

AM01 - Merged into AJ05

AV01 - Andrew Vincent McAllister Born 20 Oct 1820 in SC; died/buried 25 Sep 1897 in Cottonwood, Houston Co, AL; married Nancy Jane Lawless in Clayton, Barbour Co, AL. Migration: /SC/AL-Geneva- Houston/FL. Coordinator: Dale McAllister, 43 Lora Ln, Hamilton, OH 45013 [475 records]DNA Subgroup #07

AW01 - Alexander W. McCallister Married Ann ???. Migration: /WV=Russellville. Coordinator: Wynn McCallister, 146 Navajo Tr, Hertford, NC 27944 [1 record]

B01 - Merged into A05

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B02 - Merged into J71

B03 - Barnabus McAllister Born 1765 in Scotland; died/buried 1838 in Greene Co, AL; married Elizabeth Moore in Pendelton District, SC. Migration: IMMIGRANT. Scotland/ SC-Pendleton/ AL-Greene/ MS-Aberdeen/ TX - Galveston, CA-Los Angeles & Concord, ID-Coeur d' Alene. Coordinator: Robert C. McAllister, 12763 Pebble Creek Dr., Hayden, ID 83835 [289 records] DNA Subgroup #02a

B04 - Benjamin/Ben J. McAllister Born Est 1870; married Anabelle Freeman. Migration: /PA-Somerset. Line Coordinator Needed! [9 records]

B05 - Merged into WW01

B06 - Bud McAllister Born in SC; Migration: /SC/GA. Coordinator: William B. Martin, 271 Marchants Dairy Rd, Rhine, GA 31077 [21 records]

B07 - Benjamin McAllister Born ABT 1775 in VT; died 28 DEC 1861; buried in Truxton Rural Cemetery, Truxton, Cortland Co., NY; married Sally Perry. Migration: /VT/NY-Cortland/NJ/MI-Genesee/CA/WA. Coordinator: Eric McAllister, 3275 Fillmore St, Alameda, CA 94501 [228 records]

BA01 - Benjamin Augustus McAllister Born Oct 1829 in SC; died/buried 16 Jan 1910 in SC; married Mary Jane McGee. Migration: /SC-Anderson. Coordinator: Myran Morgan, PO Box 1606, Irmo, SC 29063 [24 records]

BE01 - Merged into J89

BF01 - Benjamin F. McAlister Born 1 Mar 1817 in VA; died/buried 2 Sept 1890 in Dallas Co., AR Tanyard Cem.; married Sarah Ann Lochridge in Dallas Co. AR. Migration: /VA/AR-Dallas/TX. Coordinator: J. A. McAlister (Acting LC), 1458 AR Hwy 31 South, Lonoke, AR 72086 [28 records]

C01 - Charles McAlister Born Abt 1693 in Scotland; died/buried 18 Sep 1774 in bur. Black's Cem, Adams Co, PA; married Rosanna Penny. Migration: IMMIGRANT. Scotland/Ireland-Antrim/ PA-Lancaster-York-Adams now/MD-Frederick-Carroll now/TN-Washington/NC-Mecklenburg-Cabarrus now. Coordinator: Jeanne Bowman, 2709 Flintstone Rd, Freeland, MD 21053 [1672 records] DNA Subgroup #07a

C02 - Merged into WC01

C03 - Merged into ?

C04 - Merged into J31

C05 - Merged into E05

C06 - Calvin McCallister Born Abt 1875; died/buried in DE?; married Bertha. Migration: /DE=Newark=Wilmington. Line Coordinator Needed [11 records]

C07 - Merged into R02

C08 - Merged into F03

C09 - Charles McAlister Born 7 Mar 1791 in Campbelltown, Argyll, Scotland; died/buried 3 Feb 1876; married Helen Maxwell. Migration: IMMIGRANT LINE. Scotland-Argyll-Campbelltown- Lanark-Glasgow/ England-Newcastle/ UT-Salt Lake-Cache/CA-Los Angeles. Coordinator: David Goodfellow, 2512 Sinclair Ave, Midland, TX 79705 Coordinator: Charles W. McAlister (J62), 204 Wood Terrace Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80903 [93 records]

C10 - Christopher McAllister Born Abt 1785 in Ireland; married Margaret Morton (or Martin) in Baltimore, MD. Migration: IMMIGRANT. Ireland/DE/PA=Philadelphia-Delaware/CO=Colorado Springs=Denver/NJ=Moorestown/SC=Columbia/OH-Cuyohoga=Painesville. Coordinator: Charles W. McAlister (J62), 204 Wood Terrace Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80903 [132 records]

C11 - Calvin McCallister Born Abt 1801; married Mary ???. Migration: /MO-St. Francois/IL-Macoupin. Coordinator: Shirley McCallister Meinert, 3505 Chatham Dr, Columbia, MO 65203 [94 records]

C12 - Charles MacAlester Married Isabella Macquarrie. Migration: IMMIGRANT. Scotland-Argyll=Campbelltown /PA=Philadelphia. *Line Coordinator Needed [17 records]

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C14 - Coll MacAllister Born Abt 17?? in Scotland; died/buried in Scotland; married Margit Crawford. Migration: IMMIGRANT. Scotland-Delrye=Kirkcudbright-Argyllshire/Canada/Ontario-Lobo Twp=Alvinston. *Line Coordinator Needed [84 records]

C15 - Charles McAllister Born 1782 in Scotland; died/buried 20 Oct 1847 in Glen Choraden, Islay, Scotland; married Marian Morrison. Migration: IMMIGRANT LINE. Scotland-Islay/MD=Baltimore/MO=St. Louis/Australia=Sydney. *Line Coordinator Needed [26 records]

C16 - Charles MacAlister. Born Abt 1727 in Scotland; died/buried Apr 1815 in Balgowan, Arran, Scotland; Migration: IMMIGRANT LINE. Scotland-Arran/New Brunswick-New Mills/VT/WI. Coordinator: Sandy Jeanne MacAllister, 7268 N. 127 W., Greenfield, IN 46140, [245 records] DNA Subgroup #07a

C17 - Charles McAllister Born 17?? in Ireland; married Lilly Lynn. Migration: IMMIGRANT LINE. Ireland-Antrim/Canada/NB-Kings=Sussex. Line Coordinator Needed [1021 records]

C18 - "Captain" McAllister Born Est 1810/1820 in Scotland; married ???. Migration: IMMIGRANT LINE. Scotland/England=Leicester/CA=Fresno. Coordinator: Chris McAllister, 28 Hillcrest Ln, Bridgeport, WV 26330 [22 records]

C19 - Merged into A26

CA01 - Merged into W30

CF01 - Merged into J31

CJ01 - Charles Joseph McAllister Born 9 May 1849 in Edinburgh, Scotland; died/buried 21 Sep 1889 in Prob. AR; married Mildred Rebecca Lyon(s) in Hancock Co, TN. Migration: IMMIGRANT. Scotland/TN-Hancock/MO-Barry/AR=Dyer=Benton /FL=Tampa. Coordinator: J. A. McAlister (Acting LC), 1458 AR Hwy 31 South, Lonoke, AR 72086 [22 records]

CP01 merged into JH04

CR01 - Charles R. McAlister Born Abt 1802 in NC; died/buried Oct 1889 in GA; married Nancy Stywinter. Migration: /NC/GA-Habersham=Clarksville=Toccoa-Stephens/SC-Oconee=Westminster-Pickens. Coordinator: Cecil Ray McAlister, 105 Chatterwood Dr, Walhalla, SC 29691 [202 records]DNA Subgroup #03

CR02 - Charles Russell McAlister Born 1810 in TN; married (1) Deborah ??? (2) Sarah Gitchel. Migration: /TN/GA. Coordinator: *Line Coordinator Needed! [113 records]

D01 - Merged into A09

D02 - David McCallister Born 1789; married Margaret ???. Migration: /VA/NJ/AR. Coordinator: J. A. McAlister (Acting LC), 1458 AR Hwy 31 South, Lonoke, AR 72086, [17 records]

D03 - Daniel McAllister Born Bef 1718 in Scotland; died/buried 1748 in Prob Chester Co, PA. Migration: IMMIGRANT. Scotland/PA-Chester=New Garden/DE. Coordinator: Jeanne Bowman, 2709 Flintstone Rd, Freeland, MD 21053 [293 records] DNA Subgroup #02a

D04 - Daniel McAlister Born Bef 1882; married Nancy ???. Migration: /MS/TX=Lockhart=La Vernia/CO/CA. Line Coordinator Needed [32 records]

D05 - Merged into C14

D06 - Merged into ?

D07 - David McAllister Born 5 Apr 1797 in NY or PA; died/buried 20 Nov 1879 in MO; married Ruth Ann ??? in Ohio?. Migration: /MO-Adair-Clark-Knox/KY-Pendleton. Line Coordinator Needed [5 records]

D08 - David McAllister Born 1765 in Louisa Co, VA; died/buried Dec 1817 in Hancock Co, GA; married Abigail Tate in Louisa Co, VA. Migration: /VA-Louisa-Hanover/GA-Hancock-Greene/TX-Caldwell=Devine=Pearsall. Coordinator: Franklin Slater McAllister, 1802 Rainy Meadow Dr, Austin, TX 78758 [323 records] DNA Subgroup #04

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D09 - Daniel McAllister Died/buried in England; married Martha ???. Migration: IMMIGRANT. England-Sussex/Canada-Nova Scotia=Stafford. Line Coordinator Needed [27 records]

D10 - Merged into P01

D11 - Daniel McAlister Died/buried Bef 18 Aug 1834; married Elizabeth ???. Migration: /MO-Pike/ AL-Lawrence=Moulton/ TX-Tyler=Woodville. Coordinator: Frances Muckelroy, 901 Delores, Tyler, TX 75703 [759 records]DNA Subgroup #08

D12 - Donald McAllister Born Abt 1805 in Kilmeny, Argyll, Scotland; died/buried in Ontario?; married Sarah\Marion Buie in Jura, Argyll, Scotland. Migration: IMMIGRANT. Scotland-Argyll-Jura /Canada/Ontario/WA-King/CA/MI/NV. Coordinator: Joan Tregarthen Huston, 10116 Stoli Ln NW, Silverdale, WA 98383 [247 records]

D14 - Daniel McAllister Born Abt 1760 in VA; died/buried Sep 1846. Migration: /VA/KY-Oldham-Shelby -Henry =Ballardsville. Coordinator: Joyce Stortz, 6300 Rocknoll Ln, Cincinnati, OH 45247 [49 records]

D15 - Daniel McAllister Born 1790/1800 in Scotland; married Jerosia Whitney. Migration: IMMIGRANT. Scotland/VT/MA/ME. Line Coordinator needed [24 records]

D16 - Dexter McAllester Born Abt 176?/7? in Scotland. Migration: IMMIGRANT. Scotland/Ireland/NY-Washington/IL-DeKalb. Line Coordinator needed [172 records]

D17 - David N. McAlister Born 8 Feb 1816 in SC; died/buried 27 Dec 1879 in Dodge Co, GA; married Jane ???. Migration: /SC/GA-Dodge-Bibb=Macon. Coordinator: Myran Morgan, PO Box 1606, Irmo, SC 29063 [36 records]

D18 - Daniel McAllister Born 1800 in Knockens North, Cushendall, Co. Antrim, Ireland; died/buried 1892 in Criciakahilly, Co. Antrim, Ireland; married Ann McKay. Migration: IMMIGRANT LINE. Ireland-Antrim=Cushendall/NY=Brooklyn =Greenpoint. Line Coordinator needed [18 recs]

D19 - Daniel McAllister Born Est 184? in Ireland; died/buried in d. N. America; married Mary Carson. Migration: IMMIGRANT. Ireland/Canada/NY=NYC. Line Coordinator needed [27 records]

D20 - Donald McAlister Born 1774 in Kintyre, Argyllshire, Scotland; died/buried 7 Jan 1847 in d. Hillsburgh, Ontario, Canada; married Effy Curry in Kilcalmonell and, Argyll, Scotland. Migration: IMMIGRANT. Scotland-Argyllshire=Kintyre/Canada/Ontario=Hillsburgh=Erin Twp. Coordinator: June Fekete, 5310 45th St., Taber, Alberta, Canada, T1G1G6 [706 records]

D21 - Daniel McAllister Born 12 Feb 1831 in Scotland near Glasgow); died/buried 17 Oct 1910 in d. North Yakima, Yakima Co, Washington; married Sarah Jane Turner in Philadelphia, PA. Migration: IMMIGRANT. Scotland=Glasgow/ PA=Philadelphia/ IL-Pike-Effingham-Cole-Shelby/NE. Line Coordinator needed [53 records]

D22 - David McAllister Born 1811; married Margaret Smith. Migration: IMMIGRANT. Scotland/MD/OK. Coordinator: Kristin McAllister, 1005 Arcturus, Colorado Springs, CO 80905 [15 records]

D23 - Daniel MacAllister Born 18?? in Scotland; married Elizabeth. Migration: IMMIGRANT: Scotland/PA-Dauphin =Harrisburg/MN=Elk River. Coordinator: Marlys Talbot, 21311 Nowthen Blvd NW, Elk River, MN 55330 [37 records]

D24 - Duncan McAlester Born ABT 1725; married Margaret ??? 30 JUN 1750 in Campbeltown, Argyll, Scotland. Migration: IMMIGRANT LINE. Scotland-Argyll=Campbelton=Paisley/Michigan=Fremont/Canada-Ontario=Toronto /Australia-Victoria=Ballarat/South Africa. . Duncan and Margaret probably were second or third cousins. Line Coordinator: Erik Riswick, 3055 N 157th Drive, Goodyear, AZ 85395 [383 records]

D25 - Donald McAlister Born 1827; died 14 NOV 1890 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada; married Mary Kerr.  Migration: /Canada/NB=Durham/BC=Vancouver/AK=Juneau=Anchorage. He appears on the 1861 Canadian Census in Durham, Restigouche Co., New Brunswick. He is listed as a farmer, is 34 years old and married to Mary Kerr with four young children including Peter McAlister who is three years old. The family is found at this location in New Brunswick until in 1891. Donald and Mary died in Vancouver (1888 and 1890) Line Coordinator: Kathleen Metcalfe, 6624 Imlach Dr., Anchorage, AK 99502, 907.947.9124 [77 records]

DJ01 - Merged into D11

E01 - Elizabeth (Husband Not Known) Married Elizabeth McAlister in Prob SC. Migration: /AR-Pope/SC-Pendleton Dist. Coordinator: Helen McAlister, 64 Chevaux Cir, Little Rock, AR 72223 [498 records] DNA Subgroup #04

E02 - Merged into A18

E03 - Merged into G01

E04 - Merged into H02

E05 - Elijah McAlister Born 1805 in SC; married Elizabeth ???. Migration: /SC. Coordinator: Myran Morgan, PO Box 1606, Irmo, SC 29063 [8 records]

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E06 - Ewing McAlister Born 6 Jul 1807; died/buried 16 Jun 1893 in Franklin Co, KY; married Matilda T. Louderback in Franklin Co, KY. Migration: /KY-Fanklin-Henry-Shelby. Line Coordinator Needed [158 records]

E07 - Merged into H09

E08 - Edward McCallister Born 1801 in VA; married Frances. Migration: /VA/AR-Jefferson-Pulaski-Faulkner. Coordinator: J. A. McAlister (Acting LC), 1458 AR Hwy 31 South, Lonoke, AR 72086 [139 records]

E09 - Edward McAllister Born Jan 1806; married Anna Margaret Nelson in Glassboro, Gloucester, NJ. Migration: /NJ-Gloucester=Swedesboro. Coordinator: Kay Kesler, 1538 Whitehall Rd, Anderson, SC 29625 [214 records]DNA Subgroup #09

E10 - Merged into F02

E11 - Edwin McAllister Born 18??; Migration: /IN=Indianapolis/GA-Bartow=Cartersville. Coordinator: Robert Allen McAllister, 206 Wilbon Rd #405, Fuquay Varina, NC 27526 [14 records]

E12 – Edward McAllister Born about 1780, probably in County Armagh, Northern Ireland, and we believe he was the son of Francis McAllister (born about 1755.) Edward married Mary Bane (born about 1784) and had several children in County Armagh. Coordinator: Susan Copp, 13530 W Maple Ridge Rd, New Berlin, WI 53151, [1248 records]

EE01 - Ephriam E. McAlister Born Abt 1798 in NC; married Frances E. ? in Lincoln Co, NC. Migration: /NC/KY/IN / Perry. Line Coordinator Needed [69 records] DNA Subgroup #03

EH01 - Merged into WM02-3-B May, 2012

EH02 - Ephriam McAllister Born 1812; died/buried 1898 in Asom Co, Michigan; married Mahala ???. Migration: /MI-Mason-Custer. Line Coordinator Needed [5 records]

ET01 - Merged into WA02

F01 - Merged into M15

F02 - Findlay McAllister Born Abt 1720 in Madison Co. VA; died/buried 21 Jan 1771; married Elizabeth Rush. Migration: /VA-Madison-Culpepper/KY=Anderson-Mercer. Coordinator: Dixie Gramke, 2454 Yellowstone St, Wichita, KS 67215 [3230 records]DNA Subgroup #02a 10

F03 - Merged into A01

F04 - Fanny McAllister Born 4 Mar 1810 in Sweden, Oxford, ME; died/buried 22 Apr 1847 in d. Gorham, ME; married Rev. Jesse Stone in Sweden, Oxford, ME. Migration: /ME-Oxford=Sweden-Cumberland=Cape Elizabeth/ AZ-Pinal/ IA-Mitchell. Coordinator: Dan Capps, 3827 N. South Dakota Ave, Florence, AZ 85232 [92 records]

F05 - Frederick McAllister Born 1763 in MD; married ??? Goss. Migration: /SC/ TN-Wayne/ AR-Franklin/TX/ OK. Coordinator: Dixie Gramke (F02), 2454 Yellowstone St, Wichita, KS 67215 [53 records]DNA Subgroup #07a

G01 - George McAlister Born Abt 1775 in SC; died/buried Abt 1825 in TN; married Jane Daniels in Davidson Co, TN. Migration: /SC/TN-Wayne/AR-Franklin/TX/OK. Coordinator: Lois A. Gamlen, PO Box 20627, Albuquerque, NM 87154 [264 records]

G02 - Garland McAlister Born 21 Oct 1805 in Derryhale, County Armagh, Kilmore Parish, Ireland; died/buried 25 Feb 1889 in d. Guernsey County, Ohio; married Margaret Lunn McMoran in Mullabrack Paris, Count Armaugh, Ireland. Migration: /VA/OH-Ross/MO-Gasconade-Crawford. Line Coordinator Needed [708 records]

G03 - Gabriel McAllister Born in Scotland/Ireland; died/buried Abt 1764 in Bucks County, Pennsylvania; married Mary Unknown. Migration: IMMIGRANT. Scotland or Ireland/PA-Mt Joy Twp Coordinator: Pam McAllister, P.O. Box 535, Salem, UT 84653 [102 records]DNA Subgroup #UNG

G04 - Merged into G02

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G05 - Gilbert McAlister Born Abt 1765 in Strone, Kilfinan, Argyll, Scotland; married Sarah Campbell in Inverkip, Renfrew, Scotland. Migration: IMMIGRANT. Scotland/Canada/SD/WA. Line Coordinator needed [150 records] DNA Subgroup #15

G06 - George McAllister Born 1836 in N. Ireland; died/buried 28 Nov 1887 in N. Ireland; married Jane Templeton in N. Ireland. Migration: Ireland/New Zealand=Christ Church. Line Coordinator needed [34 records]

G07 - George W. McAllister Born 01 May 1836 in IN; died/buried 28 Jun 1908 in Walker Chapel Cem,Trask, MO; married Sarah G. Trask. Migration: /MO-Texas=Houston-Howell=Trask=Summersville. [13 records]

G08 - G??? McCalister Born Abt 1790 in Ireland? Migration: /Ireland/OH-Ross/IL-Sangamon. Line Coordinator needed [16 records]

G09 - Grissyda McCollister Born Abt 1798 in SC; died/buried Abt 1882 in d. Franklin, TN; married William Henderson Lucas in Franklin, TN. Migration: /SC/TN-Franklin. Coordinator: Myran Morgan, PO Box 1606, Irmo, SC 29063 [88 records]

G10 - George McAllister Born 1754 in near Glasgow, Scotland; died/buried 1853 in Auchindoun, Scotland; married Janet Bowen. Migration: IMMIGRANT LINE: Scotland=Glasgow/Canada-Ontario. Coordinator: Garvin Boyle, PO Box 1149, Richmond, Ontario, CANADA A0A2Z0 [714 records]

G11 - Garrad McCollister Thought ot have arrived in America by way of Philadelphia. He appears in the 1790 Virginia Census. Coordinator: Charles H. McAlister, 830 Buena Vista, Ormond Beach, FL 32174 [113 records]

G12 - Gresham McAllister Supersceded S08. Original data of the Second Census of the United States shows Gresham's family as one male between 26 and 44, one Female under 10 and one female 16 to 25; a total of three people. Coordinator: Jeanne Bowman, 2709 Flintstone Rd, Freeland, MD 21053 [25 Records}

GA01 - George Albert McAllister Born 24 Feb 1852; died/buried 13 Apr 1918 in Fresno, Fresno Co, CA; married Rhoda Inez Thompson in Neenah, WI. Migration: /WI=Neenah/CA=Fresno. Line Coordinator needed [6 records]

GA02 - Griffin Anderson McAllister Born 3 Feb 1823 in Monroe Co, TN; died/buried 3 Oct 1862 in Camp McDonald, Elkhorn, KY; married Hannah Tie Crow in Near Dalton, GA. Migration: /TN/GA/TX. Coordinator: Juliette McGehee, 4823 Silo Rd, Durant, OK 74701 [247 records]DNA Subgroup #01

GC01 - Merged into JB01

GC02 - Merged into E01

GM01 - George M. McAllister Born 1827 in Mayfield, NY; died/buried 1885 in Arizona; married Mary Jane Crosby in Boone County, IL. Migration: /NY=Mayfield/KS-Chautauqua=Sedan/WY-Converse=Douglas/NE=Omaha/AZ=Bonita. Line Coordinator Needed [29 records]

GS01 - Merged into F02

GW01 - Merged into J26

GW02 - George William McAlister Born Abt 1870; married Mattie ?????. Migration: /IL/IA. Line Coordinator Needed [6 records]

GW03 - Merged into J57

GW04 - George Washington McAlister Born Abt 1870; died/buried in OK. Migration: /AL/MS/OK=Washington. Line Coordinator Needed [19 records]

GW05 - George W. McAllister Born c. 1797 in ME; died/buried c. 1860; married Sophie Taylor in Brunswick, VT. Migration: ME/VT=Brunswick=Maidstone/NH=Colebrook. Coordinator: Harry Hewey, 3207 Springhouse Cir, Stone Mountain, GA 30087 [58 records]

GW06 - Merged into A44

H01 - Merged into CR01

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H02 - Hugh McAllister Born 1701 in N Ireland; died/buried 1769 in Tyrone Twp, Cumberland Co, PA; married Mary Harbison. Migration: IMMIGRANT. Ireland-Ulster/PA-Lancaster/VA=Covington. Coordinator: Jeanne Bowman, 2709 Flintstone Rd, Freeland, MD 21053 [2301 records]DNA Subgroup #02a

H03 - Hector McAlister Born Abt 1800 in Co Kildare, Ireland; married Margaret. Migration: IMMIGRANT. Ireland-Kildare /IN=Ft Wayne/Canada/Man/Ont. [28 records]

H04 - Merged into C10

H05 - Merged into B03

H06 - Merged into A33

H07 - Merged into H02

H08 - Harvey McAlister Born Abt 1840; married Sara Serber. Migration: /OR=Enterprise/WA=Eationville. Line Coordinator Needed [17 records]

H09 - Henry McAlister Born 1846 in PA; died/buried Bef 1880; married Martha Jani Smith. Migration: /PA-Washington=Monongahela=W Brownsville. Line Coordinator Needed [20 records]

HD01 - Hugh Douglas McAlister Born 9 Jan 1833 in Inverness, Scotland; died/buried 1909 in Denver, CO; married Rosamond Pottinger. Migration: IMMIGRANT. Scotland=Inverness/NY/CO=Denver=Littleton/MI/WI. Line Coordinator needed [16 records]

HE01 - Merged into E02

HE02 - Merged into A45

I01 - There are no CMA records pertaining to this line.

I02 - Merged into J31

I03 - Merged into R02

I04 - Isaiah McAlister Born 1849 in Carter Kentucky; died/buried in ?? Kentucky; married Pricy A Johnson in Boyd Kentucky. Migration: /KY-Carter/IN-Perry. Coordinator: *Line Coordinator Needed! [155 records]

J01 - John McAlister Born 1820 in Prob. Pickens Dist, SC; married Melinda Massey. Migration: /SC-Oconee-Pickens Dist. Coordinator: Myran Morgan, PO Box 1606, Irmo, SC 29063 [364 records] DNA Subgroup #04

J02 - John McAlister Born b. 17??, Un-documented; Son, David born abt. 1790 VA or NC married (1) Mary Nall abt. 1817, (2) Dicey Nall, 1822 Lawrence Co. MS. (9 children) Migration: VA/TN-Williamson-Dickson-Maury/MS -Lawrence-Holmes/AR-Van Buren=Scotland=Clinton. Coordinator: J A McAlister, 1458 AR Hwy 31 So., Lonoke, AR 72086, [1749 records] DNA Subgroup #11

J03 - John McColister/McCalister Born 1780/90 in SC-Pendleton Dist.; died/buried in Pope Co, AR?. Migration: /SC-Pendleton Dist/AR-Pope. J A McAlister, 1458 AR Hwy 31 So., Lonoke, AR 72086 [6 records]

J04 - James McCallister Born Abt 1720; died/buried 25 Sep 1801 in Bath Co, VA; married Mary McCloughlin. Migration: /VA-Bath-Botetourt/WV-Greenbrier-Fayette. Coordinator: Gene McCallister, 102 English Rd, Foristell, MO 63348 [3630 records] DNA Subgroup #05

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J05 - Merged into F02

J06 - James McAllaster Married Esther Mcleod. Migration:VT; Newfield, NY; Empire Prairie and Kirksville, MO; OH; IA; CO; and CA Coordinator: Bruce McAllaster, 2609 Woodside Cir, McKinney, TX 75070, [157 records] DNA Subgroup #09

J07 - John McAlester Born Abt 1710 in Cumberland Co, NC; died/buried 1761 in Cumberland Co, NC; married Ann ??? in Scotland. Migration: IMMIGRANT. Scotland/NC-Cumberland/GA-Houston=Byron=Fort Valley. Coordinator: Allen Brown, 3965 Three Chimneys Ln, Cumming, GA 30041 [232 records]

J08 - Merged into D03

J09 - John McAllister Born 25 Dec 1793 in Page Co, VA?; died/buried 1 Apr 1848 in Brunswick, MO; married Nancy Hockman. Migration: /VA-Page=Shenandoah/MO-Chariton/AR-Gravette. *Line Coordinator Needed [82 records]

J10 - "Black" John MacAlester Born Abt1690 in Scotland; died/buried Abt 1780; married Flora McNeill. Migration: Scotland-Loup/Australia=Melbourne/British Guiana. Coordinator: Max Milton MacAlister, Straithaird Unit 2, 24A Rattray Rd, Montmorency, Victoria, Australia[49 records]DNA Subgroup #08

J11 - John McAllister Born Abt 1760 in Islay, near Kintyre, Scotland; died/buried Abt 1808 in Williamsburg Dist, SC; married (1) Jeanette Cooper (2) Bridgett Gaskins in SC. Migration: IMMIGRANT. Scotland-Islay/GA-Montgomery-Telfair/SC-Williamsburg Dist. Chris McCallister, 250 Quartz Ln, Dothan, AL 36305 [621 records]DNA Subgroup #07

J12 - John McAllister Born Abt 1700/1720 in Co. Antrim, N. Ireland; died/buried Abt 1790 in New Boston, NH; married ??? in Ireland. Migration: IMMIGRANT. Ireland-Antrim/NH=New Boston/ ME=Fryeburg=Lovell=Oxford=Calais/ MN/ Canada/NB-Charlotte. Coordinator: Barbara Svendsen, 4227 County Road 123 Unit A, Round Rock, TX 78664 [3518 records] DNA Subgroup #10

J12a - Merged into J90

12b - Merged into J90

J13 - Merged into A04

J14 - Merged into J04

J15 - Merged into J35

J16 - Merged into A12

J17 - Merged into A17

J18 - Joseph McAlister Born 1754 in Rockbridge Co, VA; died/buried 27 Jul 1833 in Pulaski Co, KY; married Nancy Gilmore in Rockbridge Co, VA. Migration: /VA-Rockbridge/ KY-Pulaski-Greenup/ TN-Dickson-Williamson/AR. Coordinator: Kelly McAlister, 3903 Foxhall Dr NE, Olympia, WA 98516 [1574 records] DNA Subgroup #02

J19 - James McAlister Born 12 Mar 1758 in Scotland; died/buried 2 Feb 1830; married Jane ???. Migration: IMMIGRANT. Scotland/ TN/ TX=Blossom Pr/ AR=Salem=Ft Smith/AL-Huntsville/MS=Holly Spr/OK=OK City. Line Coordinator Needed [64 records]

J20 - Merged into C01

J21 - James McAlister Born 11 Apr 1718 in Aberlour, Banff, Scotland; died/buried Bef 24 Nov 1789 in Derry Twp, Westmoreland Co, PA; married Jean Stronach in Inveravon, Banff, Scotland. Migration: IMMIGRANT. Scotland-Banff=Aberlour/PA-Westmoreland/KY-Fleming-Greenup=Argillite. Coordinator: James H. McAllister, 101 Suncrest Ave NE, Snohomish, WA 98290 [15 records]

J22 - John McAllister Born 1770; died/buried 1 Jul 1826 in Pickaway Co, Ohio; married (1) ??? (2)Dorothea Irwin. Migration: /OH-Pickaway-Knox-Union=Wyandot/OK=Moore=Tuttle=OK City. Line Coordinator Needed [66 records]

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J23 - Jean McAlester Born ?? Dec 1904; died/buried 21 Jun 1843 in Campbelltown, Argyllshire, Scotland; married John Harvey. Migration: IMMIGRANT. Scotland=Campbelltown/IL=Rockford=Moline/WI=Watertown/MI=Detroit. Line Coordinator Needed [21 records]

J24 - John McCallister Born 1803 in Lancaster Co, PA; died/buried 1879 in Belmont Co, OH; married Elizabeth Tarbet in Belmont Co, OH. Migration: /PA-Lancaster/OH-Belmont. Line Coordinator Needed [13 records]

J25 - Merged into N06

J26 - James McAlister Born Abt 1770 in NC?; died/buried 1830 in Lincoln Co, NC; married Tabitha Delila Regan in NC. Migration: /NC-Lincoln-Gaston-Cabarrus=Mt. Pleasant/TN-Davidson=Nashville-Hamilton=Chattanooga. Coordinator: Frank McAlister, 1931 N. Upland St, Arlington, VA 22207 [1507 records] DNA Subgroup #03

J27 - John McAllister Born Abt 1695 in Co. Antrim, N. Ireland; died/buried 5 Mar 1769 in Westboro, Worcester Co, MA; married Janet Caldwell in N. Ireland. Migration: IMMIGRANT. Ireland/ NH=Londonderry=Marlboro/ MA=Northboro=Berlin=Salem/NJ=Bridgeton/OH=Alliance. Coordinator: Cynthia McAlister Bresson, 7855 Pontius St, NE, Alliance, OH 44601 [4450 records] DNA Subgroup #09

J28 - James McAllister Born Abt 1778 in Scotland; died/buried 1824 in Albany, NY; married Jane Mayell in New York, Ny. Migration: IMMIGRANT. Scotland/NY=Albany=New York/NJ=Irvington. Coordinator: Robert C. Baron, 6969 W. Yale Ave #62, Denver, CO 80227 [33 records]

J29 - John McAllister Born Abt 1776; married Cary Turner in Orange Co, VA. Migration: /VA-Albemarle-Orange. Coordinator: Dale MacAllister, P.O. Box 46, Singers Glen, VA 22850 [127 records]

J30 - John R. McCallister Born 1812 in TN; died/buried BEF 1860; married Catherine. Migration: TN/MS/AR/TX-Limestone. Line Coordinator Needed! [167 records]

J30a - Merged into J30

J31 - Joseph McAlister Born Abt 1770; married Margaret Stirling in Knox Co, TN. Migration: /VA/TN-Knox/IN-Fountain-Montgomery/IL-Douglas/CA/WA. Coordinator: Roy McAlister, 7536 Community Dr, Citrus Heights, CA 95610 [861 records] DNA Subgroup #02a

J32 - Merged into B07

J33 - James McAllister Born 1798 in Moy, County Tyrone, IRE; died/buried 1880. Migration: IMMIGRANT. Ireland-Tyrone/ Canada-Alberta-Saskat/ CA=San Francisco/WA=Spokane. [228 records]

J34 - John McAllister Born Abt 1760 in Scotland; died/buried Abt 1820; married Elizabeth Dougal . Migration: IMMIGRANT. Scotland=Stirling/Canada-Ontario/CA=San Bernardino. Coordinator: Carolyn Ross, 404 Southerby Dr, Garner, NC 27529, [2548 records]

J35 - James McAlister Born 19 Nov 1828 in Canada; died/buried 10 Dec 1917 in Manhattan, KS; married Lettie White. Migration: /Canada/KS-Topeka. Line Coordinator Needed[260 records]

J36 - John McAllister Born Abt 1790 in Aryshire, Scotland; died/buried 1854 in Council Bluffs, IA; married Elizabeth Logan. Migration: IMMIGRANT. Scotland-Ayrshire=Monkton=Glasgow/ NE-Columbus/IA=Council Bluffs/CO/ UT=Salt Lake City. Coordinator: John & Flo Lane, 1249 Riverside Dr, Rio Dell, CA 95562 [181 records]

J37 - John McAlister Born 18 Mar 1665 in Scotland; died/buried 5 Oct 1751 in Scotland. Migration: /Scotland Only-Loch Lomond. Line Coordinator Needed [89 records]

J38 - Merged into D16

J39 - Merged into J26

J40 - Merged into R14

J41 - John McAllister Born Jan 1777 in PA; died/buried 7 May 1848 in Delaware Co, IN; married Hannah ???. Migration: /PA/KY/IN-Delaware Coordinator: Linda Thorpe, 5019 Bridget Ave SE, Auburn, WA 98092 [512 records]

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J42 - James McCallister Born Abt 1780 in Ireland; died/buried in Ireland. Migration: /MD/ DE=Seaford/ PA=Levittown/CA-San Andreas. Line Coordinator needed [93 records]

J43 - James? McCallister Born Abt 1755. Migration: /VA-Cabell-Kanawha/WV-Putnam. Coordinator: Linda Bowles, 4120 Ashley Ln, Petersburg, VA 23803 [817 records] DNA Subgroup #05 & #12

J44 - John McCollister Born 10 Oct 1778 in ME; died/buried 5 Apr 1853 in Toro Cr, Sabine Parish, LA; married Nancy Nettles in Wilkinson Co, MS. Migration: /ME/MS/LA-Sabine Parish=Toro Creek/TX-Lamar. Coordinator: Revis Leonard, 3 Nunn Place, Uvalde, TX 78801 [185 records]

J45 - James McAlister Born Abt 1810 in NC; died/buried 20 Nov 1864 in Probably GA; married Jane Dellinger in Lincoln Co N. Migration: /NC-Lincoln/GA/KY-Union-Bullitt-Henderson. Line Coordinator Needed [464 records] DNA Subgroup #03

J46 - John McCallister Born Abt 1801 in NJ; died/buried Aft 1880; married Elizabeth ??? in NJ. Migration: /NJ/IL-Jo Daviess/CO-Gilpin=Central City. Line Coordinator Needed [21 records]

J47 - James McAllisterBorn 1790 in County Louth, Ireland; died/buried 28 Jan 1872 in Whitehaven, Cumberland Co, England; married Mary. Migration: IMMIGRANT LINE. N. Ireland/England-Whitehaven/KY-Greenup/IL-Lasalle =Streator-Champaign=Urbana. Coordinator: Genie Zappanti, 11027 E Elton Ave, Mesa, AZ 85208, [504 records]

J48 - J?? McAllister Born Abt 1960. Migration: /TN=Cleveland=Tasso/AL=Stevenson. Coordinator: Dean McAlister (acting), 693 McAlister Rd, NE, Charleston, TN 37310 [15 records]

J49 - John Macalister Born Est 1670 in Scotland?; died/buried in Scotland?; married Janet McFarland in Bonhill, Dunbarton, Scotland. Migration: IMMIGRANT. Scotland-Argyll=Paisley/Canada-Quebec-Ontario/ IA/NY=NYC=Brooklyn/Argentina. Coordinator: Zoe Fleming, 23 Cullipool, Isle of Luing, Oban, Argyll, Scotland, [390 records]

J50 - John McAllister Born 1771/1774 in Ireland; died/buried 9 Nov 1845 in Washington Twp, Westmoreland Co, PA; married Rachel Baird in County Down, Ulster, Ireland. Migration: IMMIGRANT. Ireland/ PA-Westmoreland=Washington Twp-Indiana/ IA-Scott/KS/NE/MO-St Clair=Vista. Line Coordinator needed [168 records]

J51 - James McAllister Born Abt 1805 in County Derry, N. Ireland; died/buried 28 Oct 1865 in Bovedy Church Cem, Kirea, N. Ireland; married Mollie Catherwood. Migration: IMMIGRANT LINE. Ireland-Derry/IL=Cairo/NE=Pawnee=Nebraska/CO=CO Springs. Line Coordinator needed [115 records]

J52 - John McAllister Born Abt 1810 in Talbot County, GA; died/buried in Alabama; married Harriet Campbell. Migration: /GA-Talbot/AL-Autauga/TX-Tarrant=Ft. Worth. Coordinator: Barbara Coker, 494 Rutherford Rd, Waxahachie, TX 75165 [64 records]

J53 - James McCollister Born 10 Mar 1795; died/buried 13 Oct 1851 in bur. Brown's Chapel, Ross Co, OH; married Nancy Baltimore. Migration: /OH-Ross. Coordinator: John McCollister, Box 3510, San Luis Obispo, CA 93403 [214 records] DNA Subgroup #13

J54 - John McAllister Born Abt 1792; died/buried AFT 1860 in Green Co, KY; married Milly Slinker in Green Co, KY. Migration: /KY-Green-Jefferson. Coordinator: Roy McAllister, 160 Lazy Laurel Chase, Roswell, GA 30076 [48 records] DNA Subgroup #15

J55 - John McAllister Born 22 Jun 1838 in Glasgow, Scotland; died/buried 30 Jan 1929 in Middletown, CT; married Christina Inglis/Ingalls in Middletown, CT. Migration: IMMIGRANT. Scotland/CT=Middleton. Coordinator: Barbara Arsenault, 26 Forest St, Manchester, MA 01944 [70 records]

J56 merged into J25

J57 - James McAlister Born Abt 1775 in Goochland Co, VA; died/buried 8 Sep 1828 in Goochland Co, VA; married Jo Ann Gray in Goochland Co, VA. Migration: /VA-Goochland-Hanover. Line Coordinator needed [147 records]

J58 - James McAlister Born Abt 1800; died/buried Abt 1864 in Ireland; married Mary A. Henry in Ireland. Migration: IMMIGRANT LINE. Ireland-Antrim/WI-Waupaca. Line Coordinator needed [51 records]

J59 - Joseph McAlister Born 22 Jul 1852 in Scotland; died/buried 24 Jan 1902 in d. Grand Marais, MI; married Caroline Propst in St. Clair, MI. Migration: IMMIGRANT. Scotland/MI=St. Clair=Grand Marais. Coordinator: Harold and Kay Archey, 9601 Maple Grove Rd, Charlevoix, MI 49720, [80 records]

J60 - James McAllister Born Abt 1720/1727 in Scotland; died/buried in Campbell Co, VA; married Jain Culley. Migration: IMMIGRANT. Scotland/PA-North Hampton/VA-Campbell-Bedford/KY-Butler-Logan/TN/MO/AR. Coordinator: Juanita Bray, 44 Sautter Ln, Townsend, MT 59644 [470 records]

J61 - John McAllister Born Abt 1778 in Edinburgh, Scotland; died/buried in d. prob. Newtonards, Ireland; married Helen Coates. Migration: IMMIGRANT LINE. /Scotland=Edinburgh/ Ireland-Down=Portaferry/ England-Cheshire/ Canada-Manitoba=Winnpeg-Ontario=Toronto-BC/ PA-Delaware=Holmes/Australia-Queensland=Toowoomba. *Line Coordinator needed [143 records]

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J62 - John McAlister Born Abt 1760 in Ireland; died/buried 11 Nov 1840 in Springfield, Washington Co, KY. Migration: IMMIGRANT. /Ireland/KY-Washington-Marion. Coordinator: Charles W. McAlister, 204 Wood Terrace Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80903 [50 records] DNA Subgroup #15

J63 - James R. McAlister Born 1811 in KY; died/buried 21 Apr 1893 in Des Moines, Polk Co, IA; married Joanna Branham. Migration: /KY/IA-Polk/IN-Clark=Jeffersonville/MO=Montgomery City. Line Coordinator needed [11 records]

J64 - John McAllister Born Abt 1800; married Mary Grafton. Migration: /OH-Pickaway=West Mansfield. Coordinator: Becky Martin, 1129 Berrys Lick Rd, Quality, KY 42256 [38 records]

J65 - James McAllister Born Est 1815/1820 in Cushendall, Ireland; died/buried 15 Oct 1891 in Tavnahoney, Cushendall, Co. Antrim, Ireland; married Mary McElheran/McIlheran in Layd Roman Cath Church. Migration: IMMIGRANT LINE. Ireland-Antrim = Cushendall/NY = Brooklyn = Greenpoint. Coordinator: Mimi Stevens, 5211 Oakridge Ct, Fair Oaks, CA 95628, [326 records] DNA Subgroup #07a

J66 - John McAlister Born Abt 1842 in Cushendall, Co. Antrim, Ireland; married Mary McKay. Migration: IMMIGRANT LINE. Ireland-Antrim=Cushendall/NY=Brooklyn=Greenpoint. Coordinator: Sandy Hall, 30 Alpenglow Private, Nepean, ON, Canada, K2G 6W6, [24 records] DNA Subgroup #07a

J67 - Joseph McAlister Born Est 1810 in Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland. Migration: IMMIGRANT LINE. Scotland/PA-Westmorland. Line Coordinator Needed [44 records]

J68 - John McAlister Born 1763 in MD; married ??? Goss. Migration: /NC/SC-Pendleton=Anderson=Pickens/GA/AL-Winston/TN. Coordinator: Anita Smith, 18 Chamale Dr, Slidell, LA 70460 [214 records]

J69 - Merged into E12

J70 - James McAllister Born EST 1700 in ???; died/buried Abt 1764 in Bucks County, Pennsylvania; married Mary Unknown. Migration: /PA-Bucks/MD/VA/KY-Daviess-Shelby. Coordinator: Michelle Lynn (Deem) Albanese, 41 Venuti Drive, Aston, PA 19014 [326 records]

J71 - John McAllister Born Abt 1772 in SC; died/buried AFT 1830 in d. St. Tammany Pari, LA; married Ann ???. Migration: /SC/MS-Amite-Choctaw=Vicksburg/LA-St. Helena-Livingston. *Line Coordinator needed [14 records]

J72 - Merged into J89

J73 - John McAlister Born ca 1810 in SC; married Elizabeth. Migration: /SC/MS-Tippah/ AR-Ouachita/TX-Denton. *Line Coordinator needed [23 records]

J74 - John McAllister Born 1833 in Brayantang Crossroads, Balleyclare, Antrim, Ireland; died / buried Nov 1919; married Nancy Fulton in Ogdensburg, NY. Migration: IMMIGRANT. Ireland-Antrim=Balleyclare/ NY=Ogdensburg=Heuvelton. *Line Coordinator needed [166 records]

J75 - Joseph McAlister. Born 22 May 1814; married Susan McNair. Migration: /PA. Coordinator: Howard Stanley McAlister, 13553 West Virginia Dr, Lakewood, CO 80228, [45 records]

J76 - John McAllister. Born 14 Nov 1786; died/buried 07 Aug 1871 in McAllister's Methodist Cem., Clarks Valley, PA; married Mary W. Migration: /PA=Clarks Valley/NJ-Camden. Coordinator: Jim Muskett, 214 Ashton Dr SW, Leesburg, VA 20175 [115 records]

J77 - James McAlister. Born Abt 1783 in SC; married Rebecca ??? in Abt 1783. Migration: /SC-Anderson. Coordinator: Greg Hubbard, 1405 Santana St, Cedar Park, TX 78613 [108 records] DNA Subgroup #15

J78 - Merged into H02

J79 - James McCallister Born 1807 in PA; married Phoebe Millar in Jefferson Co., OH. Migration: /PA/OH/IL/IA. Coordinator: Jim McCallister, 621 Laurel Lake Dr, Apt B 217, Columbus, NC 28722 [17 records]

J80 - John McAllister. Born ca 1720; married Catherine. Migration: IMMIGRANT LINE. Ireland-Co Down=Clanawiihillan=Tullryee/IA=Des Moines. Coordinator: Aoife FitzGerald, 57 Strandville Ave – North Strand Rd, Dublin 3, Ireland [167 records]

J81 - John McAllister Born in Scotland; married Stella Bennett. Migration: IMMIGRANT. Scotland/Australia-West Australia=Quairadring. Coordinator: Elizabeth May McAllister, Quairading, Australia [10 records]

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J82 - Joseph MacAllister Born Abt 1763 in Scotland; died/buried 1816 in Natchez Trace; married Bridget Unknown in Ireland. Migration: IMMIGRANT. Scotland/MS-Natchez Trace. Line Coordinator Needed [44 records]

J83 - James McAllister Born 1806; died/buried 20 Dec 1883 in Pittsburg, OA; married Susan Neal. Migration: /PA=Pittsburg /PA=Bethlehem. Coordinator: *Line Coordinator Needed! [13 records]

J84 - John McAlister Born Abt 1788 in North Carolina; died/buried AFT 1867 in Anderson County, SC; married Eunice 'Nicey' Perry. Migration: /NC-Transylvania=Brevard/SC-Anderson=Williamston. Coordinator: Myran Morgan, PO Box 1606, Irmo, SC 29063 [1447 records]

J85 - Jennings McAlister Born 3 Oct 1807 in Prob. Page Co, VA; died/buried 6 Mar 1881 in Marion, KS; married Louisa Short. Migration: /VA-Page/KS-Marion/IL=Springfield/VA/CO=Denver. Coordinator: Janee Price Cross, PO Box 670, Shamrock, TX 79079 [143 records]

J86 - Joseph McAlister Born 1796 in NC, and married to Elizabeth Goodnight who was born in VA. The 1850 U.S. Census in Greenup County, KY indicates that Joseph was a farmer. Their five children were all born in KY. (Note: Possible connection to P01-1-4-2-3) Coordinator: Michael G. Corder, 1821 W Cucharras, Colorado Springs, CO 80904 [80 records]

J87 - John McAllister M. Mary Ann Haggerty before 1832. Line Coordinator Needed [75 records]

J88 - James McAlister Born b. 1816 Salem Co, NJ Coordinator: Linda Fulmer, PO Box 5026, Carefree, AZ 85377, [29 records]

J89 - John McCollister Born ABT 1775 in Virginia; died/buried 1839 in Greenville County, SC; married Nancy ???. Migration: /VA/SC-Greenville District/GA/LA-Union/MS-Harrison. Coordinator: Myran Morgan, PO Box 1606, Irmo, SC 29063 [1814 records]

J90 - James McAllister Born 17??; died/buried 25 May 1801 in Rumford, ME; married Tryphena ???. Migration: /ME=Rumford=Oxford=Norway=Paris. Coordinator: Phil McAlister Jr., 196 Brook School Rd, Buckfield, ME 04220 [191 records]

J91 - John McAllester b. 1729 N Ireland; d. 1815 Salem, NY Coordinator: Cynthia McAlister Bresson, 7855 Pontius St, NE, Alliance, OH 44601 [47 records]

J92 - James McAlister b. 1798 in KY. Coordinator: Karen McAllister, 770 Anderson Ave. 12 D, Cliffside Park, NJ 7010, [134 records]

J93 - James McAllisterBorn 1804 in Mecklenburg Co., NC; died 3 SEP 1874 in Mecklenburg Co., NC; married Eliza Freeman in Mecklenburg Co., NC. Migration: NC-Mecklenburg. Coordinator: Walter Davis, 918 Conestoga Drive, Charlotte, NC 28270, [48 records]

J94 - John McAlister Born about 1806 in Bowmore, Argyll on the island of Islay, Scotland MIGRATION: Scotland to US, arriving in New York on the barque Hyndeford out of Glasgow in August 1851 toFranklin Township, Westmoreland County, PA, d. & buried in Sardis cemetery in Murrysville, Westmoreland PA Line Coordinator: John Hollmann, 20575 Snowshoe Sq, Ashburn, VA 20147 [30 records]

J95 - Jacob McAllister b. born 1775 in Virginia and died in 1850 probably in Missouri. His wife is unknown. The only known son of Jacob is also named Jacob, born 1811 in Virginia. He married Harriett McAllister nee unknown, born 1811 in Ohio. Jacob and Harriett had five children: William (b. 1839), John (b. 1841), James (b. 1845), Nancy Jane (b. 1847), and Mary (b. 1850). So far we have identified descendants only of James. Migration: /VA/MO-Schuyler=Lancaster/IA-Wapello=Ottumwa. Line Coordinator: Terry McAllister, 633 E. Main Street, Washington, IA 52353 [9 records]

JA01 - Merged into A09

JA02 - Merged into D08

JA03 - Merged into N07


JA04 - Merged into J84

JA05 - Merged into A09

JA06 - James Alexander McAlister Born 1833/1834 in TN; died/buried Mar 1888 in Osceola, Mississippi Co, AR; married (1) Mary Ellen Davis in Shelby Co, TN; (2) Sarah Henry Carter in Henry Co, TN. Migration: /TN-Shelby-Lauderdale/AR-Mississippi=Osceola. Coordinator: J. A. McAlister (Acting LC), 1458 AR Hwy 31 South, Lonoke, AR 72086 [14 records]

JA07 - John Alexander McAlister Born Abt 1801 in Ireland; died/buried Aft. 1881 in Beckwith United Cemetery; married Sarah Little. Migration: IMMIGRANT. Ireland/Canada. Coordinator: John Moreland, 45 Catamaran Ct, Mount Arlington, NJ 07856 [187 records]

JAC01 - Merged into J77

JB01 - James Blanton McAllister Born 1805 in TN; died/buried 1860 in Carroll Co, GA; married Margaret McRae. Migration: /TN/GA-Carroll-Haralson/AR-Polk/TX-Wood-Upshur. Coordinator: Dean McAlister, 693 McAlister
Road, NE, Charleston, TN 37310, [1207 records]
DNA Subgroup #01

JC01 - John Charles McCollister Born 18 May 1911 in Wheeling, WV; died/buried in Pittsburgh, PA; married Caroline J. Hall. Migration: /WV=Wheeling/PA/FL. Coordinator: John Charles McCollister, 26 Lazy Eight Dr, Port Orange, FL 32128 [5 records]

JC02 - James C. McAlister Born July 1844 in Trumbull Co., OH; married Sarah E. Fluharty in Wetzel County, WV. Migration: /OH-Trumbull/WV-Wetzel. Line Coordinator Needed [44 records]

JE01 -Merged into J18

JE02 -Merged into E08

JE03 -Merged into J46

JF01 - John F. McAlister Born Abt 1840; married Martha Ann Smith. Migration: /SC-Anderson. Coordinator: Myran Morgan, PO Box 1606, Irmo, SC 29063 [6 records]

JF02 - James Frank McAlister. Migration: /NC. Coordinator: Joseph R. McCallister, 2118 So. 9th Street, Ironton, OH 45638 [43 records] DNA Subgroup #02

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JF03 -Merged into N10

JG01 - Merged into H02

JG02 - John G. McAllister Born 29 Feb 1840 in Missouri; died/buried 23 Sep 1914 in Alabama; married Mary "Molly" Ann Carroll in Cleveland, Bradley Co., TN. Migration: /MO/AL-Jackson. Coordinator: Nelda J. McAllister, 2300 Rothmore Dr, Huntsville, AL 35803 [196 records] DNA Subgroup #02a

JG03 - John Grover McAlister Born 18 Oct 1841 in Nr Dayton, OH; died/buried 01 Sep 1914; married Ann Wallace. Migration: /OH=Dayton. Coordinator: Line Coordinator Needed [5 records]

JG04 - James Garland McAlesternative of Virginia, married the daughter of Congreve and Martha Jackson, of Clark Co., KY. He died in Simpson Co., Kentucky, in 1818 Coordinator: Jeanne Bowman (acting), 2709 Flintstone Rd, Freeland, MD 21053 [16 records]

JH01 - Line deleted Feb 98 since all 3 records are 20th century and no dates or places identified.

JH02 - Merged into D10

JH03 - Merged into H02

JH04 - John H. McAlister Born 1805 in KY; died/buried in Cowley, KS; married Cassandra Godwin. Migration: /KY/IN-Parke/KS=Cowley. Coordinator: Richard (Rick) W. McAlister, 21669 SE 281st St, Maple Valley, WA 98038 [348 records]

JH05 - Merged into S09

JI01 - James Irvin McAlister Born 3 Jan 1852 in Rockingham Co, NC?; died/buried 31 May 1942 in Robertson Fam Cem, Reidsville, NC; married Nannie Purdy Robertson. Migration: /TN-Henry/NC-Rockingham. Line Coordinator Needed [32 records]

JJ01 - John Jackson? McAllister Born 1816/22; died/buried 1880?; married Nancy ???. Migration: /TN-McMinn/GA. Coordinator: Linda D’Allen, 119 Piedmont Dr, Senoia, GA 30276 [192 records] DNA Subgroup #01

JJ02 - Merged into A46

JJ03 - Joseph J. McAllister Born ca. 1796, Richmond, VA, m. Anne Applewhite. Coordinator: Joseph Jones McAllister, 2028 Rainier Ave Apt C, Everett, WA 98201 [28 records] DNA Subgroup #08

JK01 - Capt. John Keith McAllister Migration: IMMIGRANT. Ireland-Ulster=Lisburn/SC =Charleston. Line Coordinator Needed [27 records]

JK02 - Merged into J89

JL01 - Merged into JW04

JL02 - James Lee McAllister Born Abt 1828 in TN; died/buried 21 Dec 1881 in Wayne Co, MO; married Delphia Ann Clark in Wayne Co, MO. Migration: /TN/MO-Wayne. Line Coordinator Needed [32 records]

JL03 - James L. McCallister Born about 1776 (location uncertain) and died about 1826 in Adair Co, KY. He married Elizabeth Smith in 1792. Coordinator: James McCallister, 442 Hunters Landing Dr, Manchester, TN 37355 [39 records]

JM01 - Merged into JA02

JM02 - Merged into J25

JM03 - John M. McAllister Born 1826 in NJ; died/buried 5 Sep 1873 in NY; married Elizabeth ??. Migration: /NJ/NY /PA/IL/ID. Coordinator: Line Coordinator needed [25 records]

JN01 - Merged into S09

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JN02 - Merged into JN01

JP01 - Merged into W05

JR01 - James Riley McAlister Born Abt 1819 in SC; died/buried 9 JAN 1891 in DeKalb County, GA; married Eleanor Gholston in DeKalb County, GA. Migration: /SC/GA-DeKalb-Fulton/TN/AZ=Phoenix. Coordinator: Harold McAlister, 2453 Vivian Cir, Decatur, GA 30030 [11 records]

JR02 – Merged into J27

JS01 - John Smiley McAllister Born 1810 in TN or NC; married 1) Unk 2) Winney Ivey in Monroe Co, TN. Migration: /NC/GA-Telfair/TN-Monroe. Coordinator: Dean McAlister, 693 McAlister Rd, NE, Charleston, TN 37310 [369 records] DNA Subgroup #01

JS02 - John Smith McAlister Born Est 1830; married Nancy Nickelson. Migration: /IA=Grinnell/AL=Mobile. Coordinator: Susan D. Koncz, 7 Calvin Dr, Orinda, CA 94563, [5 records]

JS03 - John Samuel McAllister. Born Abt 1813 in Dublin?, Ireland; died/buried 12 Oct 1895 in d: Coalgate, Coal Co., OK; married Catherine Caron (Kern?). Migration: IMMIGRANT. Ireland/Canada/PA/OH/IA-Marian/OK-Coal. Line Coordinator Needed [134 records]

JT01 - John Thomas McAlister Born 11 Feb 1848; died/buried 4 Dec 1904 in Franklin Co, AL; married Evelyn M. Maronni. Migration: /AL=Russellville=Red Bay-Franklin/MS=Meridian/MI=Detroit/CA-Hollywood. Coordinator: Lucille McAlister, 601 Candler St, Muscle Shoals, AL 35661 [484 records]

JT02 - Merged into JB01

JT03 - James T. McCallister. Born ca 1821 in IN; married Mariah Swanger in Jennings Co., IN. Migration: /IN-Johnson=Edinburg/IL-Macon=Argenta. Line Coordinator Needed [5 records]

JW01 - Merged into WM02

JW02 - Merged into P01

JW03 - Merged into JN01

JW04 - James Wilcox McAllister Married Almyra Olen. Migration: /IN=Hammond/MI=Eton/KS=Sycamore/MO=Windsor. Line Coordinator Needed [125 records] DNA Subgroup #UNG

JW05 - Merged into JW02

JW06 - John William McAllister Married Sally Spencer. Migration: /KY. Line Coordinator Needed [196 records]

JW07 - John William McAllister Born EST 1820; died/buried Abt 1860 in d. possibly Knoxville, TN; married Cyntha Ann King. Migration: /TN-Robertson. Line Coordinator Needed [73 records]

JW08 - John W. McAllister Born Est 1800 in ME; married Nancy ??? Migration: /ME-Oxford=Bethel/PA=Indiana. Coordinator: *Line Coordinator Needed [49 records]

JW09 - John Wesley McAllister Born 1875; died/buried 1915; married Vesta McHughes. Coordinator: Vesta Henson, 4016 Woodley Dr, Alexandria, VA 22309 [86 records]

JW10 - John Wesley McAllister. Born 1828 in Ohio; died/buried 05 FEB 1890 in IN; married 1) Mary Chanbers, 2) Martha Jane Shaffer in Owen, IN. Migration: /OH/IN-Owen=Marian Twp.-Sullivan-Curry Twp. Coordinator: Shirley Thomson, 563 Monarch Ridge Dr, Walnut Creek, CA 94597 [148 records]

JW11 - John William McAlister. Born 1818 in Tennessee; died/buried 05 FEB 1890 in IN; married Mahulda A. Middleton born in North Carolina in 1824. Migration: NC//TN/AL/TX-Smith. Coordinator: Stephen & Lori McAlister, 1811 Sumner St., Lincoln, NE 68502 [70 records]

JY01 – James Y. McAlister. Born Abt 1821 in KY; married 1) Amanda E. Thomas, 2) Henrietta P Leitch. Migration: /KY/TN/TX. Coordinator: Carolyn Stuart (acting), 5317 46th St, Lubbock, TX 79414, [35 records]

K01 - Katherine McAllister Born 1802 in AL; died/buried in Scotland cem, Winona, Montgomery, MS; married Daniel Stafford in Claiborne Co, MS. Migration: McAllister. Coordinator: Bill and Sarah DePlatchett, 5825 Jordan Rd, Erie, PA 16510 [78 records]

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L01 - There are no CMA records pertaining to this line

L02 - Merged into W03

L03 - Lona McCallister. Born 20 Feb 1895; died/buried 20 Jan 1981 in Honchul Cem, Wolfe Co., KY; married James Calvin Honchul. Migration: /KY-Wolfe. Line Coordinator needed [34 records]

M01 - Merged into D11

M02 - Merged into C01

M03 - Merged into R02

M04 - Merged into A01

M05 - Mary McAlister Born in Probably Belfast, Ire.; died/buried in Blackwell Island, NY; married Archibald Robinson/Robbins. Migration: IMMIGRANT. Ireland/NY=Brooklyn. Line Coordinator needed [76 records]

M06 - Merged into A01

M07 - Michael McCallister Born 1791 in TN; died/buried aft 1860 in TX; married Hannah Unknown in TN?. Migration: /TN-Dickson/AL-Marengo/MS-Holmes/AR-Van Buren/TX-Limestone-Roberston-Coryell. Coordinator: Margie Edgington, 1550 SE Lava Dr – Apt 5, Milwaukie, OR 97222 [223 records] DNA Subgroup #13

M08 - Matt McAllister Born in VA; married Sarah ???. Migration: /VA-Louisa=Richmond. Coordinator: LINE COORDINATOR NEEDED!! [55 records] DNA Subgroup #04

M09 - Mahulda McCallister Born 20 Aug 1815 in KY; married Nathan Hoggatt, Jr.. Migration: /KY/NC. Line Coordinator Needed [44 records]

M10 - Matthew Mccollister Born 23 Sep 1813 in KY; died/buried 2 Aug 1881 in Providence, Trimble Co, KY; married Eliza A. Brent in Trimble Co, KY. Migration: /KY-Trimble=Providence-Henry=Campbellsburgh. Coordinator: William McCallister, 14005 Sparkling Cove Ln, Windermere, FL 34786 [37 records] DNA Subgroup #15

M11 - Margaret McAllister Born in Scotland; married Lachlan Buie McNeill. Migration: IMMIGRANT. Scotland-Kintyre /NC-Cumberland. Line Coordinator Needed [23 records]

M12 - Merged into J45

M14 - Margret McColister Born 3 Feb 1799 in Prob. Dickson Co, TN; died/buried 1880/1884 in Graves Co, KY; married Micajah Bennett in Prob. Dickson Co, TN. Migration: /TN-Dickson-Wayne/KY-Hickman-Graves. Coordinator: Evedene Bennett, 1525 SW Broadway, Albany, OR 97321 [98 records]

M15 - Margaret McAlister Born 1790 in TN; married ??? McAlister. Migration: /TN-Bradley-McMinn. Coordinator: Dean McAlister, 693 McAlister Rd, NE, Charleston, TN 37310 [240 records] DNA Subgroup #01

M16 - ??? Martha McAllister Born ca 1798; died/buried aft 1881; married Martha ???. Migration: /GA-Dodge. Coordinator: Mrs. Samuel Myers McAllister, 825 Harold Tyson Rd, Tifton, GA 31794 [5 records]

M17 - Mary F. McAllister. Born 02 Jan 1852 in Macon, GA; married Thaddeus Koscivko. Migration: /GA=Macon=Albany. Line Coordinator Needed [14 records]

M18 - Mahala McAllister Born Abt 1800 in MD; died/buried 19 Apr 1862; Migration: /MD. Coordinator: Line Coordinator Needed [14 records] DNA Subgroup #15

M19 – Mary McAllister Born 1788 in County Down, Ireland; died/buried Abt 1860s in Minerton, Vinton County, OH; married unknown McAllister. Migration: IMMIGRANT. Ireland-Co Down/OH-Vinton-Washington-Hocking/TNStewart. [153 records] DNA Subgroup #13a

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MA01 - Marcus A. McAlister Born Abt 1859 in AR; married Callie (Lackie) Smith. Migration: /MS/AR-Lonoke. Coordinator: J. A. McAlister (Acting LC), 1458 AR Hwy 31 South, Lonoke, AR 72086, [3 records]

MC01 - Merged into J25

ML01 - Merged into J25

MM01 - Merged into JB01

MVB01 - Merged into JH04

N01 - Merged into A05

N02 - Nicholas McAlister Born 31 May 1793 in PA; died/buried 11 Jan 1859 in Christian Cem, Owen Co, IN; married Anne. Migration: /PA-York/OH/IN=Patricksburg/IL=Neoga/CA. Line Coordinator Needed [133 records]

N03 - Merged into JN01

N04 - Merged into A09

N05 - Nathan McAlister Born 13 Jan 1782 in Ireland; died/buried 13 May 1860 in Tippah Co, MS; married Isabella Mitchell. Migration: IMMIGRANT. Ireland/SC-Anderson/MS-Tippah/OK=Marlow/ TX-Parker-Potter-Harrison-Lubbock. Coordinator: Carolyn Stuart, 5317 46th St, Lubbock, TX 79414 [1980 records] DNA Subgroup #04

N06 - Neil McAllister Died/buried 1752/57 in Derry Twp, Lancaster Co, PA; married Jane ???. Migration: /PA-Lancaster=Derry /NC-Orange. Coordinator: Carolyn Stuart, 5317 46th St, Lubbock, TX 79414 [1155 records] DNA Subgroup #06

N07 - Nathaniel McAllister Born 6 May 1779 in VA; died/buried 5 Nov 1855 in Gilmore-Poynter, Pulaski Co, KY; married Elizabeth Dowell in Albemarle Co, VA. Migration: /VA/KY-Pulaski=Somerset/MO-Texas=Summerville. *Line Coordinator Needed [1729 records]

N08 - Nathaniel McAllister Born 1799; married Barbara Sims in Louisa County, VA. Migration: /VA-Louisa-Hanover-Spotsylvania. *Line Coordinator Needed [345 records]

N09 - Nason McAllister Born Abt 1837 in ME; died/buried 25 Dec 1884 in Stuttgart, AR; married Barbara Anna Black in Pools, PA. Migration: /ME/PA/OH-Bucyrus-Crawford/CA-Los Angeles/OR=Portland. Coordinator: Robert C. McAllister, 12763 Pebble Creek Dr., Hayden, ID 83835 [289 records]

N10 - Nathan McAllister Born 17??; married 1) ???; 2) Nancy Elliott; 3) ???; 4) Charlotte West. Migration: /MD-Wicomico =Salisbury/DE-Sussex. [102 records] DNA Subgroup #01

NB01 - Merged into A05

O01 - Merged into A09

O02 - Otis McAllister Migration: /IN/KY. Line Coordinator Needed [11 records]

O03 - Ottawa McAlister Born 1880; died/buried 8 Mar 1947 in d. East Elmhurst, NY; married 1) Mary Braun 2) Josephine ???. Migration: /NY-Suffolk=Huntington. Line Coordinator Needed [101 records]

P01 - Patrick McCollister Born Abt 1645 in Scotland; married Sarah Wey. Migration: IMMIGRANT. Scotland/MD-Dorchester/DE-Sussex/SC-Abbeville/NC/TN/UT=St. George. Line Coordinator: Dean McAlister, 693 McAlister Road, NE, Charleston, TN 37310 [981 records] DNA Subgroup #01

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P02 - Peter McAllister Born Abt 1791 in Scotland. Migration: IMMIGRANT. Scotland/WI-Sauk/MN-Meeker. Coordinator: Dean McAlister, 693 McAlister Road, NE, Charleston, TN 37310, [106 records]

P03 - Patrick McAllister Born 1800 County Mayo, Ireland Line Coordinator Needed [74 records]

P04 - Peter McAllister Born 12 Feb 1852 in Workington, Cumberland, England; died/buried Jan-Feb-Mar 1941 in England; married Margaret Lambe in Cockermouth, Cumberland. Migration: IMMIGRANT LINE. England-Cumberland/PA=Pittsburgh Coordinator: Edward McAllister, 12112 32nd Dr SE, Everett, WA 98208 [35 records]

P05 - Peter McAllister Born 18?? in Glasgow, Scotland; married Margaret Campbell. Migration: IMMIGRANT LINE: Scotland=Glasgow/UT=Salt Lake City. Coordinator: Robert & Lynette McAllister, 4246 South 6530 West, West Valley, UT 84128 [18 records]

P06 - Patrick McAllister Born 17?? in Dunbartonshire, Scotland?; married Catherine Glen on 22 Jan 1813 in Dumbarton, Scotland. IMMIGRANT LINE: Scotland-Dunbartonshire=Bonhill/OH-Hamilton=Cincinnati. Coordinator: Lisa Mason, 9259 Geromes Way, Loveland, OH 45140, [25 records]

PJ01 - Peter J. McAllister Born 18 Jul 1811 in Ireland; died/buried 3 Oct 1881 in Calvary Cem, Ithaca, Tompkins, NY; married Mary Byrne in Louth, Ireland. Migration: IMMIGRANT. Ireland/ NY-Tompkins=Ithaca/ FL-Dade=Coconut Grove. Coordinator: Herb Holland, 1 Towers Park Ln – Apt 1901, San Antonio, TX 78209 [220 records]

PM01 - Merged into J26

QP01 - Merged into G11

R01 - Merged into J04

R02 - Ronald McAllister Born Abt 1630/1640 in Scotland; died/buried in Tarbert, Scotland; married Jean Campbell in Scotland. Migration: IMMIGRANT. Scotland=Tarbert=Clachan/NC-Cumberland/MS-Yalobusha/TN/TX. Coordinator: Seanda Haynsworth, 1300 Bear Creek Parkway – #1518, Euless, TX 76039 [2752 records]

R03 - Merged into R04

R04 - Richard McAllaster Born 171? in Co. Antrim, Ireland; died/buried 178? in Bedford, NH; married Ann Miller in Ireland. Migration: IMMIGRANT. Ireland-Antrim/NH=New Bedford=Londonderry. Coordinator: Charles Ray McAllaster, 801 Corder Rd, Warner Robins, GA 31088 [2293 records] DNA Subgroup #08 & 10

R05 - Merged into A04

R06 - Randolph McAlister Born 1807 - 1818 in Prob. Ireland; died/buried 7 Oct 1870 in Burnsville, Yancey Co, NC; married Rebecca Elizabeth Hayes in Carter Co, TN. Migration: IMMIGRANT. Ireland/NY/PA/VA/ TN-Carter-Washington/NC-Yancey-Buncombe/SC-Greenville. Coordinator: Elaine McA Dellinger, 169 Trillium Place, Burnsville, NC 28714 [1291 records] DNA Subgroup #08

R07 - Robert McAlister Born 5 Feb 1804; died/buried 30 Jun 1842 in Mt. Jackson, Shenandoah Co, VA; married Leah Allen in Shenandoah Co, VA. Migration: /VA-Shenandoah-Page-Orange-Augusta. *Line Coordinator Needed [161 records] DNA Subgroup #15

R08 - Merged into C16

R09 - Robert McAlister Born Abt 1797; died/buried 1851 in Antrim Co, Ireland; married Mary ??? in Ireland. Migration: IMMIGRANT. Ireland/Canada-Ontario=Stanley/MI=Saginaw=Battle Creek=Monterey. *Line Coordinator Needed [96 records]

R10 - Robert McAlister Born 1831 in Co. Antrim, Ireland; died/buried 1911 in Philadelphia, PA; married Mary Ann McGuire. Migration: IMMIGRANT. Ireland-Antrim/PA=Philadelphia. *Line Coordinator Needed [22 records]

R11 - Ryland B. McAllister Born 9 Jul 1810 in Baltimore, MD; died/buried 23 Dec 1879 in Ashboro, IN; married 1) Susan Miller 2) Elizabeth Lefever. Migration: /MD=Baltimore/IN-Owen. Coordinator: Jeanne Bowman (acting), 2709 Flintstone Rd, Freeland, MD 21053 [14 records]

R12 - Merged into ?

R14 - Merged into J70

R15 - Robert McAlister Born Abt 1770. Migration: /NC-Tyrrel. Coordinator: David K. Wiser, 3605 Dolphin Dr, Sebring, FL 33870, [15 records]

R16 - Robert McAlister Born Est 1820/1830 in Scotland/Ireland?; married Margaret Hammond in Ireland?. Migration: IMMIGRANT LINE. Ireland=Kilkeel/NY=Mechanicville/NJ=Paterson. Coordinator: Darcy McAllister Ball, 6507 Emilie Ln, East Syracuse, NY 13057, [30 records]

R17 - Merged into A33

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R18 - Robert McCallister Born Est 1790; married Sarah ???. Migration: /NJ/IN-Perry. Line Coordinator needed [14 records]

R19 - Robert McAlister. Born in Scotland; married Julia Beers. Migration: IMMIGRANT LINE. Scotland/England=London/MA=Arlington/Canada-Nova Scotia=Halifax. Line Coordinator needed [12 records]

R20 - Richard McAlister Born 18??; married Lula McConnell. Migration: /SC/. Coordinator: Myran Morgan, PO Box 1606, Irmo, SC 29063 [10 records]

RA01 - Merged into RC01

RC01 - Merged into GS01

RJ01 - Merged into J85

RJ02 - Roxie Jane McCalister Born 14 Jul 1857; died/buried 6 Oct 1922 in Hartsfield Cem., Gibson Co., TN; married William Vaughn. Migration: /AL-Colbert/TN-Gibson/AR=Blytheville. Coordinator: J. A. McAlister (Acting LC), 1458 AR Hwy 31 South, Lonoke, AR 72086 [4 records]

RN01 - Merged into WA02

RP01 - Merged into S09

RP02 - Merged into J19

RT01 - Robert Thomas McCallister Born 1830 in MO; married Nancy E. Prunty. Migration: /MO-Carroll=Miami-Jasper=Webb City. Line Coordinator needed [8 records]

S01 - Silas McAlister Born Abt 1860; married Mary White. Migration: /SC-Pickens=Easley. Coordinator: Myran Morgan, PO Box 1606, Irmo, SC 29063 [7 records]

S02 - Samuel MacAllister Born in N. Ireland; died/buried Bef 1850; married Isabella ???. Migration: IMMIGRANT. Ireland/PA=Philadelphia/DE/NY. *Line Coordinator Needed [14 records]

S03 - Solomon "Saul" McAllister Born 3 Jul 1847 in Terre Haute, IN?; married Anna Eliza Storey. Migration: /MS=Jackson/IL=Joliet/IN=Terre Haute/SD. Coordinator: Sandy Jeanne MacAllister (C16), 7268 N. 127 W.,
Greenfield, IN 46140, [3 records]

S04 - Merged into W12

S05 - Merged into M14

S06 - Sharon McAlister Married ??? McAlister?. Migration: /Canads/KS=Moline=Hutchinson. Line Coordinator Needed [41 records]

S07 - Samuel McAllister Born 1799. Migration: /SC/TN/AR-Hot Spring-Montgomery-Ouachita/TX-Denton-Kerr. Coordinator: Joyce & Joe Moore, 2403 Bellechase Ct, Midland, TX 79705 [4 records]

S08 - Merged into G12

S09 - Sarah McAlister Born Abt 1779; married ??? McAlister. Migration: /NC. Coordinator: Jerry Pat McAlister, 820 Willard, Frederick, OK 73542 [418 records]

S10 - Samuel McAllister Born 18??; died/buried in Cadamstown, Kildare, Ireland; married Catherine Jane Knowlton. Migration: IMMIGRANT LINE: Ireland-Kildare=Cadamstown/IL-Livingston=Pontiac-Cook-Marshall=Wenoma/MN-Murray=Slayton. Line Coordinator Needed [72 records]

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SA01 - Stephen Allen? McAlister Born in TN?. Migration: /AR-Columbia/TX=Texarkana/TN. Coordinator: J. A. McAlister (Acting LC), 1458 AR Hwy 31 South, Lonoke, AR 72086 [3 records]

SB01 - Merged into D11

SE01 - Merged into D11

SM01 - Merged into A05

SM02 - Stephen M. McAllister Born 18 Oct 1827; died/buried 30 Oct 1912; married Margaret C. Graham. Migration: /MO-Wayne. Coordinator: Dean McAlister, 693 McAlister Road, NE, Charleston, TN 37310, [39 records]

SM03 - Merged into N05

ST01 - Samuel Thompson McAlister Born 3 Jun 1803 in Belfast, County Antrim, Ireland; died/buried 3 Jan 1846 in d. Natchez, Adams, MS; married Elizabeth McWhorter. Migration: IMMIGRANT. Ireland-County Antrim=Belfaxt/MS-Adams=Natchez/CA=Los Angeles=San Fran. Line Coordinator Needed [17 records]

SW01 - Merged into D11

SW02 - Samuel Williams McAllister Born 8 Apr 1831 in Danville, KY; died/buried 18 May 1893; married Mary Braden. Migration: /KY=Danville/TX=San Antonio. Line Coordinator Needed [61 records]

T01 - Merged into S06

T02 - Thomas McAllaster Born in Probably Glasgow, Scot. Migration: IMMIGRANT. Scotland. Line Coordinator Needed [1 record]

T03 - Merged into W29

T04 - Thomas Andrew McAllister Born Abt 1822 in Ireland; married Catherine ??? in UNKNOWN. Migration: IMMIGRANT. Ireland/NY=NYCity. Line Coordinator Needed [22 records]

T05 - Merged into J42

T06 - Thomas McAllister Born 1821 in PA; died/buried Abt 1 Aug 1880 in MO; married Mary J. ???. Migration: /PA/MO/KS/KY=Berea. [48 records]

T07 - Thomas J. McCollister Born 12 Jan 1775; died/buried 22 Apr 1857 in Alden Hill, Canton, ME; married Margery Cobb in Truro, MA. Migration: /MA-Wellfleet-Truro/ME-Canton. Coordinator: Hazel J. Wheeler, 887 Park St, South Paris, ME 04281 [252 records]

T08 - Merged into D11

TC01 - Merged into E11

TJ01 - Thomas J. McCollister Born ABT 1838; married Martha Jane Dennis. Migration: /OH=New Lexington/MI=Wayne/. Coordinator: Ronald S. McCollister, AM Kirchsberg 4, Illschwang, Germany [25 records] DNA Subgroup #08 & 15

TM01 - Thomas Milton McAlister Born 30 Sep 1806; died/buried 30 Aug 1871; married Margaret Sarah Daniel Keown. Migration: /AL/MS-Lafayette=Harmontown. Line Coordinator Needed [81 records]

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TN01 - Merged into J92

U01 - Unknown McAlister Born 17??; died/buried BEF 1820 in d. Bath Co, KY ?; married Jane ?. Migration: /KY/MS/LA-Franklin Parish-Richland Parish. Line Coordinator Needed [92 records]

U02 - Unknown McAlister Born Est 1820/1835; died/buried in MA?; married Unknown. Migration: /MA=Newton. Line Coordinator Needed [16 records]

W01 - Willie McAlister Married Mary Turner. Migration: /SC-Anderson. Coordinator: Myran Morgan, PO Box 1606, Irmo, SC 29063 [2 records]

W02 - William McAlister Married ??? Smith. Migration: /SC-Anderson. Coordinator: Myran Morgan, PO Box 1606, Irmo, SC 29063 [1 record]

W03 - William McAlister Married Leahanna Herod in Maury Co. TN. Migration: /TN-Maury/IN-Clay/Il-Bond/KS-White Cloud. Line Coordinator Needed [25 records]

W04 - Wellington McAlister Married 2) ??? Smith 3)Catherine Smith. Migration: /WY/Canada-Ontario. Line Coordinator Needed [33 records]

W05 - William McAlister Born 1803/1806 in SC; died/buried Aft 1860 in Lawrence Co., TN; married 1) Unk 2)Ruth Lucas? 3)Priscilla Susan Davis. Migration: /NC/SC/TN-Lawrence. Coordinator: Herb Spangler, 770 Belvedere, Beaumont, TX 77706, [247 records] DNA Subgroup #04

W06 - William McAllister Born 18 Apr 1814 in KY; died/buried 12 Feb 1875 in Steep Hill Cem., Sebastian Co., AR; married Elizabeth ???. Migration: /AR-Sebastian/KY/NC/OK-McAlester. Coordinator: J. A. McAlister (Acting LC), 1458 AR Hwy 31 South, Lonoke, AR 72086 [24 records]

W07 - Merged into W10

W07a - Merged into JB01

W08 - William McAllister Born in Perhaps New England; married Maria ???. Migration: /MI-Cass/IA=Lucas/NE=Columbus/VT-Lincoln. Coordinator: James & Norma McAllister, 12 Bedwell Ln, Bella Vista, AR 72715 [55 records]

W09 - William McCallister Married Nancy McCollum. Migration: /AL/TX=Longview. Line Coordinator Needed [17 records]

W10 - William McCollister/McCallister Born 23 Mar 1762 in Dorchester Co, MD; died/buried 3 Oct 1842 in Bradley Co, TN; married 1) Martha Hambright 2) Henrietta Shipley in Hamilton Co, TN. Migration: IMMIGRANT. /MD-Dorchester/NC-Rockingham/ TN-Blount-McMinn-Bradley/GA/MO/AR/OK. Coordinator: Dean McAlister, 693 McAlister Road, NE, Charleston, TN 37310,
[702 records]
DNA Subgroup #01

W11 - Warren McCallister Married Julia Loftland. Migration: /DE=Wilmington. Line Coordinator needed [12 records]

W12 - Merged into A36

W14 - William McAllister Died/buried 1824 in Halifax Co., VA. Migration: /VA-Halifax/TN-Wilson. At this time his wife and parents remain unknown. William first appears in Caroline County Virginia between 1760 and 1785 where he signs petitions and pays taxes. Buy about 1785 he is in Halifax County Virginia where he dies around 1824. It is interesting to note his name is always spelled MacKallester when he signs petitions, land deeds and probate. He is literate. William may be connected to the William MacKallester family from early Louisa County Virginia. I believe this family (no proof) is untimely connected to Andrew MacCallister who recieved 86 acs. in King and Queen County Virgina, 24 Oct. 1701 for transporting 2 pers: Andrew MacCallister, and his wife Hannah. 14 Oct 1704 Hannah is living in King William County and nominates her son in law Abraham Cook her attorney. Hannah is a widow she is also literate and signs documents Hannah MacKallester. Coordinator: Patricia Healy, 405 Wetzel Way, Yreka, CA 96097 [40 records]

W15 - William McAllister Born in VA; died/buried 1764/1765 in Louisa Co, VA; married Elizabeth Garland. Migration: /VA-Louisa. Coordinator needed:[114 records]

W16 - Willam McAllister Born in Scotland. Migration: IMMIGRANT. Scotland/PA=Philadelphia. Line Coordinator needed [190 records]

W17 - William McAllister Born 1756; died/buried 1819 in d. Alburgh, VT; married Eleanor Wilsie in Ref. DutchCh New H. Migration: /NY=Little Britain/Quebec=Odelltown/VT=Alburgh/IA=Burr Oak/MN/SD. Coordinator: Patrick J. Walker, 913 7th Ave, Grinnell, IA 50112 [351 records]

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W18 - William McAllister Born Abt 1720/1740 in Scotland; died/buried in in Adirondacks, NY. Migration: IMMIGRANT. Scotland/NY=Gerry=Freedonia-Chataugua/KS/IL=Freeport. Line Coordinator needed [156 records]

W19 - William McCallister Born Abt 1800 in Ireland; died/buried in Ireland; married Ellen Stuart. Migration: IMMIGRANT LINE. Ireland/PA-Lehigh=Catasauque=Breinigsville=Guth's Station=Walberts. Line Coordinator needed [68 records]

W20 - William McAllister Born Est 1800 in N. Ireland?; married Jean Hutchinson. Migration: IMMIGRANT LINE. Ireland-Derry=Ballynacally/MA=Whitinsville. Line Coordinator needed [100 records]

W21 - William McAllister Born Abt 1861 in Madison, IN; died/buried BEF 1913; married Carrie Kitzmiller in Columbus, IN. Migration: /IN=Madison=Columbus. Line Coordinator needed [40 records]

W22 - William McAlister Born Est 1820 in VA; married Mary Battle?. Migration: /VA/TX-Ellis-Camp-Denton. Line Coordinator needed [125 records]

W23 - William McAllister Born Est 1850 in Ireland; married Mary McCroory. Migration: IMMIGRANT LINE. Ireland-Belturbet/NY=Brooklyn. Line Coordinator needed [5 records]

W24 - Merged into A40

W25 - William McCalister Born Abt 1848 in KY. Married Fanne (Fanny?) ?. Migration: /KY/WV-Lincoln. Line Coordinator needed [53 records]

W26 - William McAllister. Born 22 Mar 1820 in Glasgow, Scotland; died/buried 23 Feb 1891; married ???. Migration: IMMIGRANT LINE. Scotland=Glasgow/WA=Seattle/OR=Freewater. Coordinator: Dennis I. McAllister, 505 N Hogan Dr, Payson, AZ 85541 [40 records] DNA Subgroup #07a

W27 - William McAllister. Born Abt 1825 in Ireland; in Gateshead. Migration: IMMIGRANT LINE. Ireland/Canada. Coordinator: John Moreland, 45 Catamaran Ct, Mount Arlington, NJ 07856 [172 records]

W28 - Merged into W27

W29 - William McCollister. Born 1826 in Roane Co., TN; died/buried Mar 1899 in Loudon Co., TN; married Susannah Massey. Migration: /TN-Roane-Loudon. Line Coordinator: Chris McCollister, 144 Bilderback Heights, Sweetwater, TN 37874, [451 records] DNA Subgroup 13 & #15

W30 - William McAllister Born 1832 in Ireland; Married Bridget McAllister. Migration: IMMIGRANT. Ireland/PA =Philadelphia Coordinator: Richard McAllister, 10245 Wesleigh Dr, Columbia, MD 21046. [48 records]

W31 - William McAlester Born 1787 in Campbelltown, Scotland, married to Margaret Graham McAlester. Coordinator: Rebecca Coomes, 2132 Dickey Dr, Owensboro, KY 42301 [64 records]

W32 - Merged into J93

W33 - William McAllister Born ?, possibly in Antrim, Northern Ireland. Married Ellen McCaullaugh/McAuley. Migration: IMMIGRANT LINE. Ireland-Antrim=Ballycastle/Canada-Quebec-=Sherbrooke Line Coordinator: Marcus Millet, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada [39 records]

W34 - William McAllister Born 1805 in Ireland and died 17 Jan 1877 in Williams, PA. He was married to Anna Willower/Willauer (born in 1815/16 in Germany, died in 1854) Line Coordinator Lissa McCoy [26 records]

WA01 - Wm Anaxananda McAlister Married Lula Hardy. Migration: /OK=Lehigh/TX-Jack=New Castle=Abilene. Line Coordinator Needed [6 records]

WA02 - William Anderson McAllister Born 14 Oct 1827 in Abbeville, SC; died/buried 25 Apr 1906 in Newport, Cocke Co, TN; married Linda Eveline Forshee. Migration: /SC=Abbeville/TN-Cocke=Newport. Coordinator: Myran Morgan, PO Box 1606, Irmo, SC 29063 [77 records]

WA03 - Merged into J67

WC01 - William Crawford McAlister Born 15 Oct 1787 in VA; died/buried 16 Sep 1852 in Old Lake Cem, Pope Co., AR; married Mary "Polly" Webb in Columbia, Maury Co, TN. Migration: /VA/TN/AR-Pope. Coordinator: Donna Boyer, 6300 Co. Rd 200, Red Rock, OK 74651 [3294 records] DNA Subgroup #02

WC02 - Merged into J34

WE01 - Merged into JS01

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WF01 - Merged into J25

WG01 - Merged into JG02

WH01 - Merged into A05

WH02 - William Henry McAllister Born 3 Apr 1812 in KY; died/buried 15 Mar 1896 in Keswick, IA; married Mary Ann Smith in Xenia, OH. Migration: /KY/OH/IA. Coordinator: Loretta Bertholf, 3109 N Prairie Rd, Stillwater, OK 74075 [238 records] DNA Subgroup #02

WH03 - Merged into G01

WJ01 - Merged into J51

WJ02 - Merged into A36

WJ03 - William J. McCallister Born abt 1879 in IL; Married Maude A. ???. Migration: /IL. Coordinator: Patricia Caton, 4 Winslow Ct, Bath, ME 04530, [10 records]

WL01 - Merged into W09

WL02 - Merged into W09

WM01 - W. M. McAlister Born Abt 1816 in TN; married Eliza ???. Migration: /TN-Hamilton-McMinn-Bradley/GA. Line Coordinator needed [48 records]

WM02 - William M. "Billy" McAlister Born ABT 1819 in Anderson Co, SC; died/buried AFT 1880 in McAlister Burial Grounds, Anderson SC; Married Nancy M. Kelly. Migration: /SC-Anderson=Pendleton-Abbeville. Coordinator: Larry W. McAlister, 312 Clearview, Anderson, SC 29625 [971 records] DNA Subgroup #01

WN01 - Merged into JW11

WN02 - Merged into A09

WN03 - Merged into J31

WR01 - William Russell McAlister Born Abt 1807 in Anderson/Abbeville Co, SC; died/buried 1870/1880 in Anderson/Abbeville Co, SC; married Cynthia ???. Migration: /SC-Anderson-Abbeville/MS-Tippah. Coordinator: Myran Morgan, PO Box 1606, Irmo, SC 29063 [49 records]

WR02 - William Robert McCallister Born 29 Jun 1825 in Adair, KY; died/buried 18 Nov 1885 in Hazelton, IN; Married Julia Ann Miller. Migration: /KY=Adair/IN=Vincennes/. Coordinator: James McCallister, 442 Hunters Landing Dr, Manchester, TN 37355 [45 records] DNA Subgroup #02a

WS01 - William Smith McAlister, b 29 Sep 1820 in NC a d 14 Apr 1884. First marriage Susan McAlister (25 Feb 1843); second wife, Annie Stroup, on 12 Sep 1855. Coordinator: Brenda Pflaum, 5943 Southwicke Ct, Hudson, OH 44236 [101 records] DNA Subgroup #03

WW01 - William Watson 'Billy Mack' Sr. McAllister Born ABT 1835; Married Roxanna Stone. Migration: /SC=Hannah-Florence. Coordinator: Bill & Rhonda Broom, 2223 Resting Place Dr, Timmonsville, SC 29161 [107 records]

Y01 - Yarrow McAllister Born 31 May 1818 in NJ; died/buried 23 Sep 1885 in d. Griggsville, Pike County, Illinois; married Sarah Ann Taylor in DE. Migration: /NJ/IL-Pike=Griggsville. Line Coordinator Needed [83 records]

Z01 -Zorobable McCallister Born ABT born 1820 in Dorchester Co., MD and we know of four children: Elizabeth/Elenor (b. 1838), Planner James (b. 1840), Richard (b. 1842), and Biddy (b. 1846). Planner married Sara Elizabeth Gray and their children were Mary (b. 1870) and Samuel (b. 1882) were raised in Dorchester Co. as were many of Samuel’s descendants. A major burial location for this family is Elliot’s Cemetery, located on Fishing Bay which flows into the Chesapeake Bay near the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge. Line Coordinator needed

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Ancestral Code Numbering System

                  To organize our McAlister genealogy, we assign a unique code for each family line. We begin with the oldest known ancestor of the line, and use the initials of his/her given name(s). For example, John McAllister is a"J" line, and William Crawford McAllister is a "WC" line. A two-digit number is then added to the letter code to distinguish between the many progenitors with the same initials. So J26 is the 26th family line to be submitted to the CMA database with a "J" progenitor. John's firstborn (in the example above) would be designated (J26-1) and that child's firstborn would be (J26-1-1), the secondborn grandchild of J26 would be (J26-1-2) and so on. Adopted children are treated exactly the same as natural born children and are numbered in accordance with their age.

                  When subsequent research shows that two or more lines have a common ancestor, the lines are merged and only the designator of the older line is used. To prevent future confusion, the old designator is permanently retired from service. New lines are being documented all the time, too, and space has been left for future expansion. Hence, the numbering gaps seen above. The family code is used as the prefix for all descendants of the line, using an approach we adopted from the "modified register" system used by many genealogists.

                  We also list the DNA Subgroup (when known) to aid research. Be sure to set the drop-down Markers: value to at least Y-DNA37 for best results. See DNA Testing: Linking Past, Present, and Future for more information.

                  Each family line needs a volunteer Line Coordinator (LC) who is responsible for evaluating and deciding the validity of the genealogical information about the family line. LCs are CMA members who have offered to serve in that capacity. He or she is supported in this task by the CMA Genealogical Committee, which maintains the master paper records about the line, and also the line's listing in the CMA computer data base. Every two years, all of the paper records for a family line are brought by the Genealogical Committee to the location of the CMA Gathering, where the Line Coordinator can review and copy any records in the folder, and add papers to the folder. Information copies of all correspondence pertaining to the line, such as genealogical queries, are sent to the LC. Persons sending information to the CMA on a family line which has been identified, are requested to contact the LC, so that data can be exchanged.

                 Some family lines are currently without an LC. Volunteers are always needed to serve as LCs, so that the research work load can be shared. An interested member of a family line can make sure that the information about his or her family in the CMA data base is accurate and up to date. Experience over the past ten years has been that having an accurate and timely data base has resulted in more than half of our queries being answered by connecting the requester to a known family line. The best way to find out more about your family is to work with us in the CMA as a Volunteer LC. You'll be glad you did!