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Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church (ARP)
Sign at entrance
Ebenezer Cemetery
Cemetery view

Mary Lucinda (Liddell) McAllister
b. 21 Jan 1824, d. 6 Oct 1895

4th wife of B03-1-2 B. C. S. McAllister
Note:Liddell is an old ARP name and it is assumed Ebenezer was her home church and she wanted to be buried there.
John Robert McAllister, b. 26 Jul 1867, d. 22 Mar 1937
Martha Elizabeth Stewart b. 29 Jan 1873 d. 30 Oct 1906
John Robert McAllister

Line Note: B03-1-4,
son of John Bell and Martha Perry McAllister

BCS House
One of four houses built by Bennett Carroll Simpson McAllister for his daughters,
just down the road from Ebenezer Church. This is the only one still standing as of April, 2016.
Joseph Samuel Norriss,
b. 25 Sep 1854, d. 14 Nov 1924

Joseph Norriss

Line Note: husband of Elizabeth A. Craig
Elizabeth A Craig,
b. 14 Dec 1864, d. 24 Aug 1915

Elizabeth Norriss

Line Note: m. Dec 1880 Joseph S. Norriss (sic),
Robert Donolas Thornton, b. 1854, d. 1907

R. D. Thornton

Son of William Thornton
and Nancy Melissa Mary Ione McAllister
Emma Thornton, b. 14 Jul 1854 d. 2 Jan 1898
Emma Thornton

Wife of R. D. Thornton
Carl McAlister,
b. 26 Jul 1867, d. 22 Mar 1937
Martha Elizabeth Stewart,
b. 29 Jan 1873 d. 30 Oct 1906
Carl & Eliza McAlister

Line Note: Connection unknown:
Frances. A. E. Lesley
b. 20 June 1841 d. 26 Jul 1867

Frances Lesley


At the entrance to the graveyard, a notice reads:

Ebenezer Presbyterian Church
Associate Reformed Synod

The Ebenezer Church was organized 16 July, 1842, with twelve charter members. The group worshiped at the school house located a miles south of the current church until the summer of 1848 when the congregation purchased ten acres of land from B. F. Worsham. In August 1848 they built a 26' X 36' house of worship. The building standing today is the fourth building to house the Ebenezer Congregation.

When it was needed, a cemetery was started on this acreage. While most of the early graves have still standing markers, we know there are some that either never had a tombstone or the stones were lost due to breakage etc. Certain materials used in early stones did not withstand the weather elements and broke or crumbled. some have almost impossible-to-read information on them. However, there are tombstones still standing that date back almost to the start of the church.

In 2015 we began a program of restoring, replacing, and rebuilding of some of the grave markers in the Ebenezer Cemetery. Those stones that are beyond repair are being replaced with flat markers with the information from the original stone being etched on the new marker. It has been possible to repair some of the stones using special glues and replacing them in a new base. With some of the stones a member of the Ebenezer Church has been able to take up the parts, take them to his house, build a frame and mold the pieces together again and return the stone to their original location on a new base.

Funds to carry out this work have come from a special donation to the Cemetery Fund for this purpose and also memorials earmarked for the work. The principal in the Ebenezer Cemetery Perpetual Investment Fund cannot be used for this undertaking, Only the interest earned on that fund is ever spent, mainly for mowing and routine maintenance.

The Ebenezer Cemetery belongs to the church, its current members and those descendants of earlier members. Families, when the time comes to select a plot, are invited to return their loved ones to Ebenezer Cemetery and their ancestral roots.

The cemetery holds a treasure chest of information. Visitors have come from almost every state in the United States and even some foreign countries searching for their family members' graves. This alone is reason enough to continue the maintenance of Ebenezer Cemetery. We appreciate those who have helped with this undertaking.

For further information, please contact
Mrs. Anne Jones Staten, Treasurer
Ebenezer Cemetery Fund
1068 County Road 139
New Albany, MS 38652


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