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Descendants of J04 James McCallister, b. Abt 1720 d. 25 Sep 1801
Cemetery is located in Gilson, IL 61436

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Simon McCallister, b. 6 Aug 1786 d. 14 Apr 1850
Husband of Mary Ooley

Simon McCallister

Line Note: J04-4-2
Mary Ooley b. 31 Apr 1794 d. 2 Apr 1964

Mary Ooley

Wife of Simon McCallister
Nancy McAllister, b. X d. X
Wife of Darius Bates Cartwright b. 1814 d. 1875

Nancy Counts

Line Note: J04-4-2-2
Mary Ann McCallister, b. 22 Sep 1828 d. 21 Jul 1894
Benjamin Franklin McDowell

Mary Ann McCallister

Line Note: J04-4-2-4
Elizabeth Jane McCallister, b. 21 Dec 1821 d. 28 Oct 1900
Wife of Robert Ward, Jr.

Jane E. Ward

Line Note: J04-4-2-3
Robert Ward b. 13 Nov 1816 d. 1 Sep 1848
Husband of Elizabeth Jane McCallister

Robert Ward

Miles Wesley McCallister, b. 7 Sep 1830 d. 5 May 1928
Harriet Loreta Reed b. 5 May 1841 d. 5 May 1928


Line Note: J04-4-2-5
John Asbury McCallister, b. 13 Jul 1833 d. 5 Jan 1896
Son of Simon McCallister
John A. McCallister

Line Note: J04-4-2-6
Buried Drain Cemetery, Drain, OR.
Mary L McCallister, b. 7 Dec 1861 d. 8 Dec 1868
Daughter of Miles and Loretta
Mary L.

Line Note: J04-4-2-5-1 Daughter of Miles Wesley McCallister
Silas Henry McCallister, b. 15 Jan 1865 d. 20 May 1928
Ida E. Parkins b. 1870 d. 1896


Line Note: J04-4-2-5-2 Son of Miles Wesley McCallister

Miles H. McCallister, b. 1 Jun 1888 d. 10 Nov 1896
Son of of Silas H. McCallister - Sorry, no gravestone

Line Note: J04-4-2-5-2-1
Raymond A. McCallister, b. 2 Feb 1891 d. 12 Nov 1896
Son of Silas Henry McCallister - Sorry, no gravestone

Line Note: J04-4-2-5-2-2
Geneva M McCallister, b. 15 Jan 1893 d. Jul 1982
Daughter of Silas H. McCallister - No gravestone

Line Note: J04-4-2-5-2-3 Burial plot: Sec 6B, Row 19
Pvt. Henry S. McCallister, b. 1837 d. 16 Jun 1864

Sorry, no gravestone

Line Note: J04-4-2-7
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