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Visited by Sandra McCollum and Robert C. McAllister 8 April 2016.

Saltillo Cemetery, Saltillo, MS.

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Alexis Polk McAllister, b. 1844 d. 1924

 Alexis Polk McAllister

Louisa L. Kyle, b. 1847 d. 1907

Louisa L. Kyle

Wife of A. P. McAllister
John P. McAllister, b. 22 Oct 1878 d. 6 Aug 1888

John P. McAllister

Son of Alexis and Louisa, above
James W. McAllister, b. 15 Sep 1875 d. 30 Sep 1875
Hugh w. McAllister b. Mar 1874 d. 26 Aug 1879
Hugh W. and James W. McAllister

Sons of Alexis and Louisa, above
Hettie Bucy Kyle, b. 11 Aug 1870 d. 30 Aug 1928

Hettie Bucy Kyle

Daughter of Charles Bucy
Charles W. Bucy, b. 2 Aug 1838 d. 10 Nov 1930
Ann Lyle Bucy b. 24 May 1850 d. 28 Jan 1926
Charles W. Bucy

In-laws of Louisa Kyle, above
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