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Skipness Chapel (aka Kilbrannan Chapel)
Skipness, Argyll and Bute, Scotland

St. Brendan's Chapel (Kilbrannan Chapel, Skipness Chapel) is a medieval chapel near Skipness, Argyll and Bute, Scotland. The chapel was built in the late 13th or early 14th century by Clann Somhairle and was dedicated to St. Brendan. The chapel replaced an earlier chapel dedicated to St. Columba, which had been incorporated into nearby Skipness Castle.
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Erected by Alexander and Ronald McAlister and Joseph Page (Pace?) in Memory of Their Mother Marion McTavish Who Died in Clachan 8th January 1893 aged 56 years

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Erected by Barbara Taylor in Memory of Her Loving Husband Donald McAllister who Died at Laggan 15th April 1874, aged 63 years. - Her Daughters Euphemia Died 13th July 1863, Aged 8 Years -Anne Died 15th Jany. 1880, Aged 18 Years -and Isabella who Died at Greenock 16th Jany. 1895, Aged 43 Years. -The Above Barbara Taylor Died at Row 29th Dec. 1903 Aged 83 Years. "Be Ye Also Ready"

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Erected by Ann McAllister in Memory of Her Husband Alexander McKinlay Who Died 8th Sept. 1854 Aged 55 Years. Also Their Son Ronald Died 16 April 1849 Aged 2 Years. And Their Son William Died 26 May 1864 Aged 26 Years. The Above Ann McAllister Died 14 Dec. 1839 Aged 80 Years. Also Their Son Duncan Died 22 Jany. 1906 Aged 61 Years.

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This Stone is Erected in Memory of Samul McAlester's family leat (late) Tennant in Laggan by Hector McAlester his son and His place Intended for his Heirs 1800

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Erected to the Memory of Robert Macalister Late Farmer in Oragaig Who Died the 1st Octr.(?) 1803 Aged 76 Years, and his Spouse Chirsty Taylor who died the (?) June 1819 Aged 76 Years.

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Sacred to the Memory of Ronald McAlister, Old Pier, Born 21st Jan., 1808, Died 29th Dec. 1888. His Wife Ann Taylor, Born 25th June, 1819, Died 8th March 1895. Their Daughter Annie Born 19th (?) July 1856, Died 10 October 1882. Their Son Gilbert Born 30th Jan. 1847, Died 3 (30th?) April 1896 and is interred at Campbeltown. Their two Sons Ronald Born 24th Nov. 1858 Died (?) 1900. John Born 22 October 1842 Died 7th April 1905. And Their Daughter Catherine Died 1st June 1962 Aged 98 Years.

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Erected in Memory of Our Father & Mother, Malcolm McAllister Died 30th January 1887 Aged 69 (?) years, Mary McMurchy Died 1st February 1897 age 73 Years. Their Sons Ronald Died 18th March 1839 Aged 28 Years, Duncan Died 16th August 1897 Aged 32 Years. Their Daughter Sarah Died 2nd Sept. 1939 Aged 77 Years.

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Erected by Ronald McAlister and his Wife Anne Taylor, Old Pier Skipness, in Memory of Their Son William Died 7th June 1871 Aged 27 Years. Malcolm Died 18th Sept. 1875, Aged 22 Years (Interred Here). Flora Died 17th Dec. 1873 Aged 27 Years. Duncan Died 1st July 1902 Aged 53 Years (Interred in Lochranel)

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Erected by Ronald McAlester 11 in Memory of ?? McAlester ?????? (I couldn't make out any thing else)

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Erected in Loving Memory of Alexander MacAllister ????? Also Grace Kerr Wife of Alexander MacAllister died at Ard??? (Ardrashaig) 7th December 1941 Aged 84 Years

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